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Re: A close encounter with the truth:

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Unread post Sat Sep 14, 2019 7:45 pm

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I am the spirit of a once dead physical body. In 1964, I reincarnated into the physical body of an eight-year-old child.
I took over the running of this young body. The owner, or child, of this physical body, with his innate soul, sits in the back in the back seat and has completely left the guidance of the body to me who is now writing this message to you.
This baby's brain has evolved over the years, because I need a developed brain for my function so that I can conquer the goal of walking with ghosts and then returning to any physical body.
I walk with the souls of the dead wherever they are and discover the secrets of the afterlife.

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Unread post Thu Sep 19, 2019 9:45 am

Yes, everything that lives on its own frequency.
But, there is a difference between the physical frequency and the paranormal frequency.
It all depends on the actual existence and the perception of the environment in which the creature is.
The physical body works with its senses to plan and do certain movements.
The paranormal form, however, can receive and function at its frequency only in what is currently passing through it or in the immediate vicinity.

Personally, I work with both frequencies by defining the movements forward when I am in the physical body.

Disclosure: 2

It follows that after 30 years of back pain, I have 100% recovered.
I healed my physical body with the help of my paranormal entity.
The pain disappeared as if it had never been.

A stopped soul baby sitting in the back seat of our body is very happy

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Unread post Sat Sep 21, 2019 5:42 am

Higher dimensions:

The dimension where the physical being perceives its existence originates from a rather unknown higher fifth dimension.
The fifth dimension creates the conditions for this dimension of ours.
Through the fifth dimension, planets were created and consequently life forms.
All this is regulated by the fourth dimensional layer.

There are basically two dimensions, which are divided into positive and negative perception. The time dimension is only a neutral intermediate dimension that affects each one individually.

Human philosophy divides dimensions into several stages, but this is not true.
These degrees are just nuances of these two dimensions through evolutionary superstructure.

Past time, present time, and future time; of which we only sense the past tense; present time and future time do not exist for us and we do not perceive it.

Every second of life goes back to the past, not the future.
The present and the future are reserved for the fifth dimension.

The past is on the left side of the timeline, and on the right side of that timeline is the future.
The present itself is located in the temporal layer and extends to the left and to the right as the epicenter of these two dimensions.

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