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Paranormal Jargon Overdone

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Is it a specter? A ghost? A phantasm perhaps? Or apparition. Full-boy or partial? Was it translucent? Fog? Opaque? Was it a “Class Five full-roaming vapor?” Question should be, why does it matter—at least to the extent that the experience in lost for the over-classification desired by ‘science?’

What we do—what we experience in life—especially as sensitives diminishes by the advent of the need for names. What we see, feel, hears, sense, even taste and smell (it happens), it can all be adequately described without being labeled. Is the grass any different a shade of green as it was a moment ago because the child touching it does not know its “scientific” name? I get why biology has them, but paranormal does not need to be so double-downed on terms that fail to adequately depict the moment to begin with.

You could argue, how would the next (generation or group of investigators) know what they are dealing with, if not for the se overly-redundant terms. But, the argument becomes invalid as this is a field built on EXPERIENCE. It is not the knowing of the ‘correct’ word that makes the experience so, but the presence of the experience itself. Saying I pet a dog does not mean I didn’t pet the dog because I did not name the bread. It means I did not dilute the experience by trying to fit it into a textbook.

This is a field built on questions more than answers rather than sifting absolutes when there are none. In my person experience investigating the ‘supernatural,’ I have seen things that defy Catholicism, Christian, and even pagan beliefs. I have faced many beings still not named by the glorious wealth that science is trying to become. And I have survived where the rules say I should not even have been harmed (I tell you, ‘rules’ do not apply to the will of spirit).

So, please, keep in mind, next time someone says if it cannot be labeled, it cannot exist, these people lack the security to step out into the field and experience its splendor and brilliance. Would not say they are week, but inexperienced in the ‘doing’ side of what we live everyday. A label cannot validate anymore than a paper wrapper can protect a stick of gum from the lake. Only experience can do that—and the willingness to have it.

Blessed Be.

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