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Ghost or demon?

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Unread post Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:46 am

Ive been iving on my own not long after my best friend died, i have a stuffie of hers that meant alone one day it moved places on its own to the middle of the front door. On its own? I figured it nigjt be her? But my vat knew r and he refused to go near the stuffie. I finally moved it one day.

One night i was trying to sleep and i looked up toward my window, i paused for a moment for all i saw was orange glowing eyes, "it's just a dream" i laughed then out loud said "**** off demon im not dealing with this tonight its 3am". I rolled over and noticed my cat staring above me his eyesight not changing from the void he was staring into. I shrugged figuring he was just being weird... But then as soon as i looked into the next room from my bed i saw the light for my google home turn on... She said "sorry i cant help you with that" i got confused... I hadn't said anything? I tried laughing it off again saying "**** off demon im tryna sleep here" then not long after i rolled over to face the other way but yet again, the google light turned on in my perferal... I paused waiting. Next thing i know it says "sorry i dont understand that language yet if you would like to form a complaint please contact us".. My cat still constantly staring at a void again in the next room. I ended up going to sleep that night. Forgetting about it.

But 2 days ago i was home alone, just me and my cat. The door to the front hall was shut but my vaccum was out there leaning firmly against the wall. I had paused my music cause i thought i hear something. But i didnt so i just played on my phone a little (no music still). Next thing i know there is a hige crash in the front hall my cat is freaking out so i open to door to ket him investigate. He sprints out i follow him for a moment till he freezes mid sprint. He stares up at a void in the corner then yeowls and sprints back into our apartment. Sprints directly under my bed almost skids under there. The vaccum was knocked over and my shoes where astray. But the door was locked? No one was home? What the **** is going on? Now there are dead birds showing up around my neighbours houses? My cats acting ****ing wild. I put a salt line on my front door and things have been better but the dead birds at my neighbours have started and my cat constantly is staring at a void out the window meowing

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There are energies that someone unknowingly might of let in, if there's a person's energy that is destructive and up to know good, you can banish that energy. Be firm and state that their energy is not wanted and you are now banishing that energy. Be firm, do not yell just direct your intentions to what you are doing. You can smudge your space, white candle however it's your intentions is the power.

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Sage burning helps a lot, it is said to form a barriel of protection, and also I feel it is your friend who passed away trying to get your attention.

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Burn some sage, walk around your home commanding that nothing with evil intent is welcomed. Or tell it to leave completely, that it is not welcomed and you never gave permission for it to be here. It is possible its not evil but just trying to get attention or is in pain, however if you feel threatened you can tell it to leave.

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