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Re: A close encounter with the truth:

Post here for all your questions, stories and experiences, share with us.

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Unread post Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:22 am

Energy lives consciously or independently:

All the energy that originated from the paranormal world and had contact with the intelligence of various beings has its own personality.
However, since energy builds on its existence, it also gets into the energy of beings, such as plants, animals, and also water in various forms, gets power and control over all of it, when it creates evolution in all areas.

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Unread post Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:10 am

The fifth-dimensional entity that occupies the human body has no eyes of its ears, its mouth, no visible sexual organs.

It looks like a human body, which has an entire body covered with a layer of bees; but these are not bees, they are a migrating strain or plasma of cellular clusters, which change to be invisible or visible.

They can also change the shape. As a chameleon, they change into a human form or animal, depending on the very contact they encounter.

When you are in the fifth dimension area in the form of an entity, you see a human, an animal, or another soul entity, all in the form of a spirit.

You see the difference in whether the creature is alive or not when you see it does not go through the wall or down the stairs.

(I do not write for some kind of inspiration, I am the real being from the fifth dimension. When the night falls, I work in this world and in another dimension, I would not write that, I saw myself as my entity enters my paralyzed body, or in the morning wakes with my gentle shaking of my body to wake up.)

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Unread post Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:32 am

Paranormal form: 1

For the time of physical life, man is only the man who receives and gives.
All life is learned and eventually dies.
After his death, his "thought impulses" of knowledge remain in the form of antimatter, which is released into the atmosphere and is present there for a long time and becomes food for existing energies
A person does not see the mental impulses, which are released into the atmosphere near the body.

Example: Sometimes a person gets up to do something, but after a few steps, he can forget where he is intended.
He goes back to where he relaxed this thought and immediately perceives it there.

The human body is physically made to perceive only the things with which it can operate. If one could perceive that his body in power is another being in paranormal form, this would change his way of life that he would have difficulty accepting.
The paranormal entity is in man in order to prolong its existence and also to be safe.
 It also prevents a person from knowing it, only when it is close to death.
The paranormal entity uses a human for its safety balloon, when this balloon is dissolved, finds a new body.

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Unread post Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:57 pm

antimatter form:2
When a person dies, his soul changes into an antimatter form and goes into the atmosphere.
Ghosts for their existence use this human antimatter to substitute for their lost. Part of their souls are lost when they are waiting for a reincarnation when they find it, they merge with it.
The soul of the living man in the body and the soul, which is outside the body, can be seen through the paranormal eyes of the same form (the physical body can not be seen)
The difference is that one moves by walking down the stairs, the other floating and going through the wall.
The soul that strolls down the stairs is still in the physical body and is avoided by paranormal forms.
In the paranormal dimension, there is no technology and computers, only the nebula of the antimatter in the shades of gray is visible here, and only the fast contact and the preservation of the soul as a whole for the reincarnation into the physical body prevails.

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Unread post Sat May 04, 2019 7:49 am

Fifth dimension: Time loop: 1

  Time that is constantly in motion. For a better understanding of the time that we have not yet discovered and which changes in the past, it is, like an endless toothed wheel, which, regardless of the man of the known time, revolves in its eternal circle.

  When the new being is born, in his time or constant time, his time is glued to one of these teeth and stops.

Now the being is no longer traveling together with this time, but is moving along his own path in parallel through his human aging time, moving on a time loop.

  After the death of the body, the human entity soul passes into the fifth dimension, where the familiar time is frozen, there is a universal time driven by a time-serrated wheel.

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Unread post Sun May 05, 2019 1:39 pm

Fifth dimension: Time loop 1 - continuation.

The human constant time of day of birth is frozen in time and rests until a person dies.
When a person dies, his constant time moves again with the universal time in the direction of the future.
His soul is waiting in the future, where she has left the body, waiting for as many years as the man lived.
To re-reincarnate the soul requires a body of the same genetic concept as it had for the time of the first body.
Such bodies are from the period of his first birth. All further bodies are evolutionarily unacceptable for this soul.
To be continued:

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Unread post Wed May 15, 2019 10:40 am

Fifth dimension: Time loop 2
  A paranormal, sophisticated entity shape looks for bodies that are suitable for its activation or reincarnation.
New human bodies are increasingly exposed to various poisons and chemicals.
A hundred years ago there was a lot more reincarnations, due to fairly healthy human bodies.
The discovery in the near future that life can continue to change the body will not be possible because a person is poisoned with pharmaceutical products, such as various medicines for thousands of diseases.
The bodies develop into a mutant structure and are not suitable for the paranormal form whereby mortality continues.
Chemicals change the genetic design of a healthy body.
The entity in the old human body, full of chemicals, no longer abstains and prematurely withdraws from the body to the fifth dimension.
The human being remains alone with an innate soul, which has the function to make the heart flicker as long as it blinks
Such a person has moved into the phase of dementia.

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