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Am I some sort of bad luck kitten?

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I by mistake threw out a ton of family photos, as well as my mother's ring i think. but i'm not sure. it's like i drip bad luck. i have black hair and brown eyes, and as you know black haired cats are considered the devil's advocate. I went to a psychic i read about in those trashy magazines, and she said there are demons raping me. basically i am a slut. i hate this. i want to be a good girl...but part of me does not want a family. i was always taken away from my family a few times, but my mother decided to keep me. i don't know what's wrong with me. i remember my hair being reddish brown from tanning so much ( i was outside for hours a day and id put sea salt in it too) and suddenly it turned black and all these bad things started happening to my family, and i think it might be because of me. I went to a few psychics. one said it was black magic, and another said someone gave me the evil eye. i also went to a few that used tarots, but i do not really believe in tarot cards, i'm more of a crystal ball type.

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