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Are you feeling different latley?

The ability to sense the emotions of others.

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Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:52 pm

Feeling like things are happening to you that you cannot understand? Feeling haunted? Think you are going crazy? Are you seeing, dreaming or encountering new strange feelings about people, places, etc.? Most important are you sporatically remembering events you have not thought of in ages and wondering why? Confused, foggy can't concentrate.

I am talking to the hundreds of you out there too afraid to post this stuff for fear of ridicule.

YOU ARE NOT GOING CRAZY! The universe we exist in is going thru massive, I mean huge unimiaginable, changes right now! One of these changes is an awakening of Healers, Light Workers. You all are the first being awakened. It is our mission/path to assist, heal, help the new ones who are lost in what is happening to them to realize their spiritual path. We are being called to action for a greater cause.

If you think I'm wrong just look at the membership activity right here. This site is a flame and we are the moths. It is the very reason most of you even thought to come here.

Let go of your fear and post your experiences you will not be judged but you may be enlightened.

There are many resources to help you understand your gifts and help you grow to help others.

The welcome mat is out and thedoor is open. Come talk!
Peace, Light and Love for you, just open your mind and take it, it's free.

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Sun Feb 14, 2021 4:06 pm

yer i noticed how so many people are closed down since the pandemic the media has put fear into them although it does not show on the surface

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