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Playing Cards: The Joker

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The Joker is used mainly in astrological readings when it comes to playing cards. They represent those born on December 31. Which makes today equally suitable for this post.

Placed between the King of Spades: Dec. 30--God and the Ace of Hearts,: Jan. 1--Birth of Mankind, the Joker is the unreadable between. The people under Joker are enigmas. Good, bad; indifferent, they are beyond the reach of the cards.

If placed in a reading deck, the Joker denotes an unreadable situation, moment, event, person, etc. It may also represent a change/transition in event(s) or circumstances.

Some believe the Joker is the playing card version of Tarot's The Fool. They do so as the Joker, in times of medieval court, was the Jester. By either name, they attribuit the Joker with the second's traits. However, there is no connection between The Fool and the Joker. As a Jester, the Joker knows his actions and his outcomes--widely, he doesn't care. The Fool is learning, forever testing and evolving.

In decks where both Jokers are used in reading, the black Joker is often counted along the lines of The Fool (Jester) and the red The Magician (Juggler).

Of the greatest note of the Joker is that it is what it is--The Trickster. It will turn a deck unreadable. As the line gones: "Oh, and while the king was looking down, The jester stole his thorny crown." (Don McLean "American Pie") I liken the Joker to Coyote for his mischievousness. He will sway the cards, as the Jester once did the court, to his liking. Some things never do change.

At best, I've seen a Joker deck last six months before retirement. Less is the norm. If you use both, it will sway twice as fast, or argue with itself (a very interesting event, but not recommended). Each Joker, as with every card, has a personality.

For such and giggles, famous Jokers include:
Val Kilmer
Anthony Hopkins
George Thorogood
Donna Summer
Gen. Cornwallis

Joker's lasting impression is that it is foolish to believe we are in control--of our lives or others.

"If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans."
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