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More Tarot Help, Ekk Sorry!

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 12:41 pm
by BrandonS
So I did yet another weekly past,present,future spread. I use the rider waite deck. Anyways while shuffling the deck these cards popped out. "Eight of swords and Ten of swords". I Put them abside and drew my orignal past,present,future spread. For some reason m'y spread as well as thé two cards that popped out didnot mesh or go together. After trying to figure out were they fit in and failing I put thé cards away and took. The kid I babysit to school. A few hours past and i get à call from logans "The kids mom". She Said hé got suspended wednesday,thursday and friday. Why? Because the school had a fire drill and when logan heard thé alarm he ran out of thé school into thé forest and hid there. Im confused Because logan does have médical issues so Why punish thé kid for what he thought was right. But other then that i was wondering if these two cards were perhaps warning me or related to this issue? If they do can someone explain how so i may kick up the signs. I do know thé one sign i got was my intuition telling me it wasnt m'y cards or related to me. This also brings me to another question . Everytime i do a reading i ask that m'y guides help guide me and show me cards that can guide and help me. Why show me cards related to logan when i asked for guidance dealing with me? M'y last and final question is: Is there à way to pickup up and not miss such readings in thé future? Something i can do to know what to expect or no who thèse spontanious cards are for? I may be over thinking about thèse cards cause i cannot fond how thèse two cards relate to thé incidant that happened two hours later . But as i an confused and fairly new to this i thought to ask for guidance and help again.

Re: More Tarot Help, Ekk Sorry!

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:34 am
by Seven
When I taught tarot what I had them do is ask your card a direct question, then turn one card over. A person can have a running dialog with the cards, keeping the same format of the first question.