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Making and Using a Pendulum

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Making and Using a Pendulum
A pendulum is a divining tool. It is generally used to answer yes or no questions, but it can do much more. You might use it to locate a lost item. It has been used to determine the sex of a baby before it is born. As long as you can use yes and no questions to determine something then you can use a pendulum to determine it. Generally, one would hold it over your hand while asking your questions and it will swing on its own telling you yes, no or maybe. You might hold your pendulum over a map to determine the location of something or someone or you might hold it over an object to get information about it. You can also use a pendulum board. This is where you would hold the pendulum over the board that is marked to give you an answer. The one thing you need to remember whether you use your hand, a board or an object, you need to hold the hand that is suspending the pendulum very steady so as to not influence the outcome. The pendulum should be free to swing on its own.
You can either buy your pendulum or make one yourself. Most Pagan stores sells them. A pendulum is usually made with a weighted object, sometimes pointed, suspended on a chain or thin cord. The cord or chain should be light weight and the object on its end should be heavier than the chain or cord so that it hangs straight down. Some will put another object on the other end of the chain or cord that makes it easier to hold on to. However, you can use a variety of things as a pendulum. Necklaces make a great pendulum if they have only one weighted object in the middle of the chain or cord.
As for your pendulum board, you can buy one or you can make your own. You can mark it in any number of ways to give you various answers like of course yes, no and maybe or it might have letters of the alphabet and thus be used to spell out the answer. There are other ways to mark your pendulum board to give you an answer to your question. It would be very difficult for me to try to explain to you as to how your pendulum board should look, so, do a search on the internet for suggestions and instructions as to making it. Most make their pendulum board out of wood. About twelve inches across and anywhere from eight to twelve inches in height. However, you can make your “board” out of a sheet of paper or even mark a cloth as your “board”.

You will want to charge your pendulum. This is easy to do. Just leave it in the moonlight overnight. You will next want to calibrate your pendulum. This simply means that you are checking to see how your pendulum swings for yes and no answers. So, ask it a question that you already know the answer to and see which way it swings. Ask it a yes question and then a no question to be sure of how it will answer you. It should swing in an opposite direction for yes than it would for no. If the pendulum swings in a circle then it is telling you maybe.
As you can see, it is fairly simple to make a pendulum and use it. Once you have made your pendulum you might meditate on it or even sleep with it under your pillow to get attuned to it. You might make or buy a small cloth bag to keep it in. Whatever you decide to do is up to you but do take care of it.

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