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Tarot - Inverted or Reversed Cards

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Unread post Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:54 am

Hello All,

Just wondering how folks here feel about reading inverted or reversed cards in Tarot. I know some readers do attribute special interpretation and/or meaning to such cards, some folks say they should be read as the 'opposite' of the upright position, and some folks ignore the inversion/reverse all together.

I suppose how the reader operates is how the cards should be read (assuming the universe is at work and there's some Que Sera Sera going on), in which case the reader better make this decision from the get-go...

Reasons for the ask:
1) Full disclosure. I asked my deck today if I should find a new job, and I drew The Tower. Inverted. (I had to laugh. It almost felt like the cards were saying 'we don't know either, but its serious, and important, and you'd best figure it out). At least there's some confirmation in there that 'yes, this is a big moment for change and its not surprising your questioning things as they stand'. I drew a second card asking what I should do to get back on track and pulled the 7 of swords - the 'find a creative solution' and 'it's up to you' card. Some thinking to do and I'll be circling back to those questions next week, lol.
2) It's hard to find a good source on Tarot best-practices and explanations. I've experimented with the general reading rules, usually defaulting to what feels right (when in doubt, go with the gut), but is there an 'industry standard' so to speak?

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From my experience the Raider Waite deck is read as reverse, so for the tower instead of it meaning that things around you are collapsing it would change to things are building around you.
Other decks such as my Orical ones if the card is inverted it symbolises that whatever is on the card is of great importance to the person being read, the things that need to be deeply read more than the other ones around it.

Hope that helps
Rise again, Aileni.

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Unread post Fri Oct 19, 2018 7:40 pm

Another things to mention, if a card is drawn horizontally it symbolises something in your way that you must overcome, like a bridge essentially.
Rise again, Aileni.

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