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The ethereal body

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Some years ago, I started noticing seeing a light around people. Through research from what I've read this is called the ethereal body. Some people's are brighter and bigger than others and almost everyone's that I see is brighter around the head more so than the rest of the body. I see it around animals too. Although i would love too, I don't see the colors of people's auras like how I hear it described. And I don't know what it means that I can see people's energy at all. There's always been an unusual amount of paranormal activity around me, that I just thought was normal for everyone for the longest. Other forms of extra sensory perception too...but I digress. I feel like this is a spiritual gifts and I should be using it to better understand myself and help other people but I don't think I understand it enough myself yet. I came here because I know it's a safe place where no one would think it was weird or crazy. Where to start with what this light I see around people? What's it mean? Can it be developed further? What kind of gift is it? Any answers or advice is welcome

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