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A crystal a day... it the natural way!

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Keeps the blues away...

Today's crystal is moonstone.

known to a lot of people as the HOPE stone, it brings healing and encourages femininity...
wisdom and knowledge from within its hidden depths, moonstone is also a protective stone
like labradorite is, its also a very calming stone in vibration and peaceful, it will assist in being
the traveler's stone for protection. it is also a reliever for stress and tension within the self.

this is also a stone for new beginnings, new chapters coming into fruition, it will assist if asked
with inner stability and inner strength, also has strong connotations and connections
with the moon, it also provides good fortune in business matters.

it can also encourage intuition and is a fab stone for calming things in your home space too
its energy is calm and tranquil like the gentle lapping of the sea; bringing about with it
a sense of connectivity and motherly energy that is nurturing to the divine feminine.
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For those interested in working with stones...


A fab stone for meditation and will not keep any negative vibration or negative energy. Never requires cleansing. It provides balance and yin, yang consciousness, a sense of duality, inner peace and clarity to whomever befriends the stone.

It is a stone that assists in unblocking many self-made barriers and blockages within the body. Its energy is very gentle in nature. It is counted as one of the high vibrational stones for communnication too.

It can direct healing out to the throat chakra and has a calming presence. It is a stone often desired because it helps heal blockages in the aura's personal field and will help with chakra alignment.

It is also is a channelling crystal good to have in meditation to assist open a line of pure connection.

If you ever wish to connect your stones also to the universal talking and singing crystal consciousness, here is how!

Exercise to do with all stones and crystal guardians

Hold the crystal in the palm of your hands up against your heart center, surround it fully in loving essence that fills it in within so that it knows that it is working solely with your intention and universal love.
Ask for the star beings, the mayan or crystal higher beings of light, the keepers and guardians, the dualities that help look after the crystal energy to help and ask for it to be connected up to the universal crystalline conciousness and divine communications of light, to ascertain the crystals' voice and to relay only the pure divine love to encourage the gemstone/crystal to work with positive and higher intention next in alignment with love to your energy and aura fields and bodies. Ask for pure love to work the crystal/stones you have befriended so that they can connect up to this universal crystal consciousness and convey messages or channellings from the crystal consciousness within the stone.

Always give thanks after practicing this exercise, both to the crystalline beings and to the stone itself for accepting the request to rejoin the consciousness and network of crystals today.
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