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Centering and Grounding it the natural way!

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Thu Apr 30, 2020 7:30 pm

Centering and Grounding

What is Centering and Grounding? Are they the same thing? The first I will answer in a bit. The second answer is no, they are not the same thing. However, they are almost always done together, especially when doing magic, which is why some think that they are the same thing. You start with Centering and then you are ready to Ground. Another word for Grounding is Earthing. This is because you are working with the energies of the Earth. Both are considered energy manipulation and both require visualization. Just know that they will become easier as you continue to practice them with your magical workings.

Centering and Grounding are also used when you wish to meditate. You will have better results with your meditation if you Center and Ground before and during and yes even after your meditation. The flow and connection with the Earth will give you better results. The alleviation of excess energies before the meditation will assist you in your ability to relax not only your body but your mind as well. Remember that Centering is to get in touch with yourself and Grounding is to get in touch with the Earth.

Centering is when you collect your energies to a central point. This could be your heart chakra, your 3rd eye or wherever you think of as your center or from where you wish to push the energies you’ve gathered out from like say your hands. Once you have done that you can direct the energies out for your purpose, be it ritual or spell workings. However, I would start by finding a place where you would not be disturbed; where you can focus on what you are trying to do, especially if you are a beginner in this. You will want to be able to hold that energy in that one location for a few moments while you prepare to start your Grounding. You’ll also want to Center before doing your magical workings. Those that have been practicing for some time tend to do this automatically before they do their workings. Beginners tends to have to concentrate on this action to accomplish it.

Grounding is when you are connecting your energies to the Earth. This is done for a couple of reasons. You might do it to rid yourself of excess energies, maybe after a magical working. You might also do it to cleanse your energies if you feel harmful energies within yourself. This could be caused by several reasons such as a bout of depression or exposure to an event that leaves you with that dirty feeling because of the harmful energies involved. Also, life in general exposes you to all sorts of energies of different types and some are not what you wish to hold onto. Grounding is helpful as the Earth’s energies are neutral and can cleanse those energies for later use.

You might also wish to draw up energies for whatever use you wish to put it. This is done not only before but during your magical workings. This will alleviate that tired feeling you might have after a magical working. Some people, if they have expelled a lot of energies without the Grounding, will even have a headache after doing their magical working. This is also why people tend to eat sweets and other carbohydrates after doing their workings, to try to replenish the energies they have expelled. But this is only a temporary fix to the problem. So you will want to continually ground drawing up energy all through your magical workings.

Where do you have to be to Ground? Do you have to be standing on the Earth itself or can you be in your home? You don’t have to stand on the Earth itself as all things are connected to the Earth. So you can stand on grass barefoot or you could be way up in a high rise apartment building and still connect with the Earth. You can be standing, sitting or even laying down. It makes no difference. This is a spiritual and mental exercise so if you can do your visualization properly then you can do a Grounding. Advanced practitioners can even Ground when up in say an airplane.

Basically doing a Grounding is fairly simple if you can do proper visualization. This isn’t so much as seeing what is going on but more so of feeling it. The visualization is basically what you are doing within your mind to direct the flow of energies. Once you’ve Centered your energies you are ready to do your Grounding. You would at this point visualize this energy flowing downward through your body to your feet or to your hands if you prefer but I suggest your feet if possible. Once the energy has reached your feet you then visualize it going into the Earth. You might wish to visualize roots going out from your feet deep into the Earth and this would be how you are sending the energies into the Earth. The Earth will then take care of the energies, neutralizing it so that it can be used later for whatever purpose anyone wishes to put it.

But this exercise doesn’t end there. If you are planning to do any type of energy work, whether it’s a healing or a spell or whatever, then you will want to draw some energies from the Earth so you don’t spend all of your own energies for whatever you wish to do.
This isn’t much different from sending the energies into the Earth. You are simply reversing the act. So, you would visualize your root system drawing up the energies you need up through your feet and then up through your body. At this time you will wish to Center again to send the energies to the part of your body that you will be sending out the energies from to accomplish your intent.

When you are done with your magic or energy working then you’ll want to send the excess energies back to the Earth. Think back, have you ever found yourself rather agitated or such after a spell work. This can be because you have extra energies in you and you will want to send it to the Earth. Some people like to put their excess energies into a tool and this is ok too. But you will want to send it somewhere. Now just draw up those roots you’ve sent down into the Earth.

For most experienced Witches and Energy Workers, this is pretty much an automatic act as they had learned what is best to accomplish their intents. A beginner will have to concentrate a bit more to Center and Ground but it will come as second nature as time goes by. If you are doing magic or other energy workings and find yourself very drained then maybe you aren’t properly Centered and Grounded. Take an inventory of what you are doing and see if you missed a step or need to spend more time with the Centering and Grounding. I won’t say that you won’t be a bit tired after your working but you won’t be totally drained. Magic and any kind of energy work is serious business but is very rewarding. As I’ve said many times, there is no one right way to do things. So if this method doesn’t work for you then try something else. Remember this your practice and it’s up to you to find what works for you.

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