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Choices and Consequences

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Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:53 pm

Choices and Consequences
by Bunnyrabbit

Unlike most of my articles this will be about what I believe to be an absolute statement. There are those who will disagree with me on it but my opinion and belief is that what I am saying can’t be avoided. However, like all things you can believe and act accordingly to what you wish. I will not forcibly impose my will on to you.

It is my strongest belief that there are always consequences to all of our choices. These consequences can be good as well as bad. The consequences may happen immediately or after some time. They will usually happen to you but might affect someone else maybe near you or someone far away totally unattached to you. What kind of consequences could they be? Well they could be almost anything but generally they will be in relationship to what your choice was.

The belief that there are consequences to our actions is expressed in many forms by many in virtually all religions and even in science. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This is why I believe that it is an absolute truth and can not be avoided. Denying this does not take it away.

There are some that believe that they can do as they wish and not reap the consequences of their choices. You see this everyday when watching the news or see comments to that affect online. Some say that if they are paid to do something bad that the consequences are on the person who paid for it to be done. But I say that you still chose to do the do the action and thus made the choice to cause it to happen, therefore, you will reap the consequences of that choice. I’m not saying that the person who paid you won’t also reap any consequence for asking you to do that action, they will, it’s just that you still chose to do it and thus will also reap those consequences as well.

We talk about the fact that there are always consequences to all actions, but what if the intent seems to be very good but the outcome is not? What kind of consequence do we pay for that? This is a very good question and unfortunately I believe that we will reap the consequences that reflect the actual outcome of the intent but maybe with in a lesser degree. I am not all knowing and cannot truly know this for sure but that is my belief. So, this is why I strongly suggest that you consider your choices very carefully and not be rash in your actions. Remember that whatever you choose it will affect not only you but probably others as well.

There are religions and paths the say that they can do what they wish if it’s the Will of God and that He will protect them from all harm. Sorry folks but even the Deities can’t break the rules of nature that exists. Oh They can bend them a bit but not break them. The Deities know that those rules exist for a reason, to ensure that everything about our world works for the benefit of all and to break one in one place breaks it elsewhere and can upset the balance to the point of destruction. That They don’t want.

We make choices everyday. Virtually every moment of our life. Most are small and only affects us in small ways as individuals, but sometimes our choices are large and can make large changes to our life and that of those around us. Sometimes we make choices in conjunction with others, these usually make a greater impact than when we choose to act alone. But whether or not our choices are for action or inaction, it is still a choice. Even when we feel our choices are being forced to a certain direction we are still making a choice. We can’t avoid making choices in our lives.

Another note on the magical choices we make in our practices. There is always a price to be paid when one does magic. You are working with energies, yours, what is around you and from deities and elementals if you choose to work with them. This takes a toll on you physically and energetically so be prepared to pay that price. This is why most witches and covens includes food in their practice and also the practice of centering and grounding. Some workings take more out of us than others. Depends on how much help you seek when doing your magic. So these prices we pay when doing magic are also consequences of our choices as we chose to do magic to begin with.

The choices we make in life, whether it be in the mundane world or in the magical world, will affect you in some way and probably those around you as well. These choices also determine our character and shape us. In the end we are the accumulation of all the choices and reactions of what we face everyday. What was your choices yesterday? What will be your choices today? What will they be tomorrow? Just remember that there will be consequences. Will they be good or bad? It will be up to you.

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