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Totem animal?

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:55 pm
by Bumblebee
Hey there everyone,
I just had to share an experience I just had 10 minutes ago.
I am sure it will not sound very special, but to me it was.

I was sitting in my living room, watching a documentary about hypnotism on the computer. And all of the sudden I heard a loud, odd sound. I did not understand the sound, and looked for what had made it.
I looked at my cat, as he always helps me to know where a sound comes from, and he was watching the my doormat, 'inside' the house.
I went there, and saw nothing.. nothing until the 'nothing' jumped! lol. That caught me off guard.

It was a 'big' frog, so big that it took my breath away. I looked closer and was awestruck by its beauty and presence. It looked at me with big beautiful alert eyes.
I just stood there looking at him, so beautiful! The colors, the aliveness. Absolutely stunning.
I immediately felt it was not a coincidence, and internally thanked the frog for drawing my attention, and that I would remember. I said out loud that he was absolutely gorgeous. I felt humbled in a way, by how it felt. (sorry, odd sentence)
I have never seen a frog of this size. Amazing..
I looked at him for a while and took it all in.

Then the practical me took over, and I figured out a way to bring this it outside without hurting it. It was too big to pick it up with my hands so with some effort I managed to get him to go into a plastic container. And then brought him to the cherrytree in the garden.
I have no idea where a frog wants to be, so I hope its a good place. I was worried my cats would grab him so I kept them indoors. I sat there for a while, to watch him. He stayed there for some time, I could see him breathe and looked at al his lovely colors. He was very attentive/alert.
Then suddenly he decided to go and hopped through the garden.
I am a bit worried for the, since there is no pond and not much good hiding places. I hope it will be ok.

But wow :) that was seriously awesome! How beautiful!
I know its 'just a frog', but the whole situation felt very special. The frog just being there in my house, right on my doorstep. Awesome :)

Is my innitial idea that he is sort of a message? Making me pay attention? I have looked up frog totem information but there is so much different info out there. Not sure which ones are right.

(Edit, I just found it it was a 'she', and she carried eggs :))

Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:37 pm
by CelticRose
Sounds like a totem animal. Frogs are indicators of change, which can mean up to the most important amount of changes or the most gradual smaller amount of changes too that is likely to happen. What a lovely experience though!

Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:15 pm
by Samanthaj
Awww how lovely. YES.. I think so.. I love looking into animal totems as they definitely have a lot to teach us (used to have a totem deck ) and have come to learn that when an animal shows up on our path (especially spontaneously) it has something to teach us or remind us for our current life situation

If you see Owlscrying in chat, I would recommend talking to Owl about frog totem (sure, it's all online) but she is experienced with meanings and what they bring for us to remember :o)

Frog first thing that comes to mind is 'leap of faith' and safety... (she was female, carrying eggs) are you needing to take a leap of faith for your own safety or security.... Then another thing which comes to mind is blending in.. friend circle comes to mind, as does fertility and travel. Are you in need of a sanctuary, some time alone to re-evaluate life plans regarding family ?


Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:42 am
by Bumblebee
Hey there again,
Thank you both for your replies!
I actually had a follow up on the experience!

2 days later I was talking a walk with my partner, we had been having some tension/irritations/tiredness/stress moments.
We where walking and talking and suddenly I decided to talk to him about hypnosis (the subject I was watching a documantairy about when the frog came into my house).
I talked to him about how I was thinking about seeking out a therapist that is also able to use EMDR and hypnosis. I did not tell him the real reason for it, the deeper reason. Which is, that a bad experience that has to do with intimacy and such, has given me difficulties in life, and lots of feelings of shame, fear and so on about myself.
I was raped when I was younger, and this has an inmense effect on how I feel about myself.
For some reason, I started to believe that hypnosis, might help me where normal therapy did not. I am not easy to reach for therapists, I always sort of build that wall, in order to not feel the difficult things. Its an automatic thing.

I started thinking that hypnosis, might help me to lower that wall and allow whatever is there, deeply inside myself, to become visible.
I want to feel like a woman again, and feel ok with myself. I want to be able to be intimate without fear, sadness, shame etc. I want to work on that, and I know I need help, because in all these years I have not been able to heal that part of me by myself. I would like to ask someone for help.
At the same time, I feel scared because maybe such a person can see it all and that is just a scary thought.

While I was talking to my partner, for the first time, about maybe seeking out a therapist that is also a hypnotherapist, my partner suddenly stopped me from walking. I wondered why but he pointed down to my feet. Right there at my feet where two small frogs. He had prevented me from stepping on them.
They happily hopped away, and I realized this was quite an odd coincidence.
Twice now, frogs hop into my life when I am thinking about seeking a therapist that can do hypnosis.

And now today, another thing happened!
I was googling information about how intimacy works, in the brain. The science of all the feelings and such. I am a bit of a science nerd, I always want to know how everything works. I am also a spiritual person, but science also has my interest.
When I was reading into something, I suddenly saw my cat jump up and run to the doormat.. yes.. the same doormat as where the frog appeared!
And right when I looked, a lovely red/orange butterfly flew into the house, and landed on that same doormat. My cat responded and the butterfly flew deeper into the house. I carefully brought it outside again.


I really, really, really see this as signs. The timing of each situation was exactly right. Frogs when I was thinking about hypnosis, and a butterfly when I was.. discovering more about the science of intimacy.
I wonder if these signs mean that I actually 'should' try to find a hypnotherapist to work on all the issues that I have, with intimacy, feelings of shame and difficulties with surrendering etc.

I hope that it is ok that I write about it all. Its has become a bit of a personal subject now. I am sorry for that. I did not know, when it started (the first frog) that it would evolve into this.

I wonder what other peoples insights on these events are. Am I right about the message they might bring, or could they be warnings instead? I am unsure. I really feel that I want to work on my fears and difficulties. The personal aspect of the subject.. the rape, is so hard to talk about.. So I am also scared.
I hope others here can help me to figure this out.


Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:43 pm
by Samanthaj
hi there Bee

I'm so glad you replied... no worries at all (please!) for the long post and going into that. If anything you should feel proud that you're talking about it with no shame- because this is admirable. I can relate to you in some ways and I really can understand why you'd be thinking of Hypnosis and EMDR together. EMDR is a great technique for trauma and PTSD.. I know here in the UK there is a huge waitlist maybe 2 years long as it's so in demand. I feel that hypnosis can help especially when anxiety and fear is holding you back from accessing or using counselling/therapy to the fullest.. as you say, it really might help you to relax and get to the bottom of the fears,.. as sometimes there is more than we're aware of. Those small things.. you know .. hugs

I was pretty glad to read this.. well let me say.. The orange butterfly i'm pretty sure was sent by a loved one, I say this because 2 weeks ago the very same happened to me and it was one of those butterflies in your picture. What happened was , I was tending to some flowers for my daughter (plant dedicated to her- has always been special) and was zoning out lost in thought, whilst watering it. Just blankly staring ahead.. out of the corner of my vision I saw a butterfly coming- It's summer so that can be expected but it landed around 30cm before me, on my daughter's plant. It stayed there the whole time - 20 minutes or so, and when it did get up to fly and move, it only came closer to me. I stood as still as I could and filmed this butterfly as it came right up close to me and fluttered it's wings- I eventually decided that whilst it was pretty cool, I probably had my hopes up (I never question these things though I was feeling a bit down ) .. so I asked spirit for another sign. The next day was out back in the garden, again, moving and watering plants..and my thoughts drifted again. Next.. a small white butterfly, flew up to me, and landed on my chest (right over my heart) and stayed there, for maybe ten seconds.

I was convinced at that point. there is no way the butterflies were not sent to me. I can't remember a butterfly ever landing on me like that, and the only time they have stayed very close to me was when I was grieving. So i believe that :o)

I think too because you are so open and accepting of these being signs.. you are now receiving more signs through animals and totems because I notice that with some people, guardians/angels/guides and ascended masters seem to know when we have preferences. So some may receive signs through music most times. Some may receive them through cloud shapes ... some may through numbers (11:11) and others, animals are the main source... so, I think that's what is happening.. aww.

Can I recommend a card deck for you?- I really think you may benefit from it.. it's called the
'White eagle medicine wheel deck' (totem cards) by Wa-na-nee-che . You should be able to find them online.. they are great. Each card has the animal.. the booklet for what all of the totems mean. How to do a spread.. the different medicine wheels and levels.. they are great cards. I gave mine away to someone but I can remember a little about a few of them. Dogs for example signal a time to stay aware of surroundings - just as the dog can smell and sense danger- if dog shows up, weneed to be aware of what is really happening beyond our main senses...

Cats- there are varying meanings for the cat.. personally i'd say colour can make a difference. I believe white and black cats are lucky as opposed to being bad luck omen.

The frogs are definitely symbolic for you and I guess to break it down.. what comes to mind when you think of frog? .. what do you know about them, and what do their lives reflect in your own (what may be lacking, what do you need reminding of) and so on :o) so.. tranquility.. that comes to mind for me.

Besides the totems, you should be so proud for talking about this and it's definitely brave of you to start opening up to your partner about this too.. Once you do and he is aware.. he will be able to support you.. and there is nothing more important than having close ones aware of these (pretty serious/important) life events.. because you deserve all the help support and care possible right now. I really wish you well and stick around here.. i'm really glad you feel comfortable to share your story as I know it's not easy.

Take care for now


Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 6:22 am
by Bumblebee
Hey there Samj,
Thank you very much for your reply again, I appreciate that very much.

Your experience with the butterflies sounds very beautiful, awesome really :)
Its really quite nice to read that you think that the butterfly was send by a loved one, because I really connect orange butterflies to my grandmother.
When she passed, I dreamed about a ship leaving a haven, and I was on the dock saying goodbye to the ship. But then saw a butterfly, an orange/red one. I followed it and it flew away in the direction of a sandy place, maybe a beach or desert. There was sun there and warmth. Then it flew upwards and upwards until I could not see it anymore.
The dream has always stayed in my memory, and whenever I see a orange/red butterfly, I think of her.
She was a beautiful, kind, gentle, very special person. I feel so connected to her because I feel I am like her. Poppies also make me think of her.

Anyway :) lol, dreaming away.

You wrote about being open and accepting to signs. Sometimes I am open to them, sometimes not. Sometimes I think I should not fantasize so much and feel afraid that I am just a bit crazy.
Other times, I feel them very much.

You asked about what comes to mind for me when I think about frogs.
I was unsure if I would write this down, maybe its a bit odd. But what comes to mind is feminine energy. In a way the water element, reminds me of the feminine energy of mother earth. To me a frog also seems like a very earthy creature.
I am not sure how to put in words, I wish could.
When I really focus on it, there also seems to be an aspect to the frog that almost sort of frightens me slightly. Its difficult to explain but the best way to put it (as far as I know right now) is that it radiates magic. It reminds me of shamanism, that type of magic. Very earthy, but deep and strong. Not light and clear like angels, but earthy and powerful. Not necessarily good or bad. It depends.
If I could imagine how it would look, sound, feel, it would be a low tone, dark like the earth, natural.
Something that makes me feel like I want to be very respectful.
I do not know if that makes sense at all.

It reminds me of a time in which I visited a school for shamanism, I wanted to become a student there, but never did. (afraid of what my family would feel about it).
We did a meditation with a big group, and where guided by visualisation. You would walk up to a great big tree, and decent on a staircase under its trunk. Deeper and deeper down into the earth. Down there the air smelled like earth, the athmosphere very powerful buzzing and humbling. There you would see if you could meet your totem animal of that moment.
The athmosphere of that is what a frog reminds me of.

Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:42 pm
by Cheyenne
Owls had the best thread on Animal Totems ... m=13136019

Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:57 am
by Bumblebee
Cheyenne wrote:
Thu Jul 20, 2017 1:42 pm
Owls had the best thread on Animal Totems ... m=13136019

I think the link does not work though, but I will find it probably, so its ok :)
Thanks for the share ^_^

I like your signature. Its exactly the topic that has been on my mind. <3

Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:47 pm
by Cheyenne
hmm try putting the link in a google chrome it worked for me .. ... 1313601958

if not go into the archived forums and look here .. Psychic Paranormal Forum › Reading, Development and Understanding › Wiccan, Pagan and All Things Magical › Animal Totems

Hope you find it


Re: Totem animal?

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:48 pm
by Cheyenne
Ohh it's a different link .. weird lol .. hope it works for you now