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Temple of the Soul- A Mystic's Path

A special place to grow and learn.

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Temple of the Soul

Let me start with what Mysticism is NOT. Mysticism is not a religion. It is neither Christian nor pagan. It is not gypsies sitting on the side of the road ready to give predictions or casting curses on you. Though many Mystic's may fall under these categories and many more, Mysticism is a beautiful journey of self discovery, discovery of the world around you, discovery of the unseen, discovery of the Divine and of self. It's a journey of finding your place in this world and where you fit into the bigger picture.

It's also a path of self expression. A sacred space for you to be allowed to be you and to express it without judgement from others around you. As co-creator of your life, this is where you create your own unique path through however your heart and soul truly desires. I often call this path the path of "youism" because it truly is all about your journey on this planet, your place in life and in the universe. This path goes beyond religion for their are no rules other then the rules you place upon yourself. It does demand that you go beyond what you already know and walk into the unknown, the unseen. To push beyond your comfort zone and be willing to see beyond what you know to be truth and be willing to accept that there may be several possibilities and though those possibilities may not be possible to you, it may be possible for someone else. It demands that you be willing to not only embrace your light side but to understand the darkness within. To only accept the light, then we only see half of who we are.

It is a solitary path though many Mystic's will weave religion or other belief systems into their journey. It's really about hearing the call of the soul and following it. There is no right way or wrong way. There is one way and many ways. It's a path of paradox where both everything and nothing makes sense..Each path unique to that person. It's filled with light and beauty yet filled with darkness and dispair. To accept one, you must accept all that this journey offers . There are no punishments for wrong doing, there are no mistakes, simply lessons that helps our to soul to grow.

The sacred path of spirituality is literally a journey that we all walk alone. Sure, there are books,religions and guru's that help us generate ideas,teach us new things but the most important tool they can give us is to expand our mind allowing us to delve into areas within ourselves that we would not normally go. These thoughts of possibility allow us to experience things we never thought were possible to begin with. As we begin to experience these new things, we start realizing how vast our exsistance truly is and what we truly are capable of accomplishing. We begin to no longer simply exsist in a world that is purely physical, but understand that the world of the physical and spiritual can and meant to be experienced together. I hear alot of people mention that they are spiritual beings having a human experience, but what does that mean? It's the realization that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. But what does that mean? If we are limited by this physical shell, then what is the purpose of having it? If we are freer having no body, then why not just stay spiritual? When it comes to spirituality, spiritual seeker's are often drawn to the things more in spirit, so having a "shell" which most people call it, is more of a hindrance. This hindrance is often viewed in a more negative light as we see all the physical pain and suffering that it brings. But,just as there is so much sickness and death, there is also life. The body allows us to experience things on a deeper level that we would never experience if we never had it to begin with.

The body, is so much more then just a shell that houses our spirits for a short time. It's an important tool that allows us to really delve deep into the soul. It allows us to fully gain connections through physical touch, affection, intimacy. It takes love to a deeper level and allows us to experience on a deeper individual level. Childbirth is a very painful experience, but that pain all goes away once we hold that little bundle of joy in our arms. Having the ability to gentle stroke each strand of hair and feel how soft it is in your fingers. There's nothing like having that child open their eyes and look at you and smiling for the first time. Felling their little fingers wrap around yours. There is something significant about physical touch. When your physically intimate with your spouse, it can be intoxicating. Feeling them touch you, kiss you. This alone helps you determine the level of emotion they feel for you. Someone can tell you they love you in spirit, and even if you know it, that physical intimacy allows you to experience it. When two people fall in love, there is a need to touch them, to hold them close, to feel them. The soul craves that connection and the body allows them to experience that connection on a greater level. The more the bodies connect, the deeper the soul connection and that cycle continues to grow. On a spiritual level, we often see things on a broader scale, love is often expressed in a different way. The spirit often looks at the bigger picture. Since it is filled with light, it understands the need for certain things to happen and finds peace in it. Love is often fueled by a need help the tiny ball of light to grow, but it often lacks depth. It's hard to watch a person suffer but if a kid goes to time out for dipping their finger's into the cookie jar after mom said "no", we often feel bad for the kid because we know how important that on a greater scale, it's important for the child to learn certain boundaries and ethics which is needed as they get older. But, when you experience the anger or guilt of that punishment ourselves, we are able to understand what that child is feeling because we connect with it on a deeper level because we relive the moment it happened to us. This deeper connection takes us out of the rafter's and allows us to see one another on a more individual level and forces us to experience what the other person is experiencing. It's this level of understanding that teaches us a greater level of empathy,compassion and a whole bunch of other emotions we would not normally experience.

This deeper level of emotions not only helps us connect with each other, but also helps us better understand ourselves. Not just who we are on a spiritual level, which is often referred to the light or higher side of our spiritual selves, but to also understand the darker side of our spiritual selves. We are both light an dark. We feel love, yet we also feel pain. We feel joy,yet we also feel anger. This isn't something that just came with a body, these emotions are something that is already infused in the spirit,within the soul. All of it is a part of who we are and to accept one but deny the other, then we are never fully whole. I often hear people view negative emotions or thoughts as evil and things that need to be avoided like the plague. I also see people often beating themselves up or doing very extreme things in order to make it go away. But these negative emotions are not evil in it's most basic context. These emotions are pure emotion and is intended to help us understand ourselves better and to bring balance between both positive and negative. It's not the emotion that determines if it's good or bad, it's what we do with it. If someone hurts you and you get angry. This anger is meant to help you figure out what it's purpose is and channel it into that purpose. For example, one person's anger could be a way to release their own pain so they cause physical pain on another person such as domestic violence. This would be considered, in general, morally wrong. However, that same anger from the victim may be channeled into passion that forces them to set boundaries and to teach others how to avoid it. For other's it makes then stand up and fight to change the laws. It may fuel the lawyer to push for laws to be changed for enbetterment of people and society as a whole. Each action is still dictated by the same emotion, anger, but the difference, is what we do with it. That's what makes a more negative emotion, negative, not whether or not it makes us feel good. By understanding this conflict of negative and positive and it's purpose for it, helps us to appreciate and understand the importance of it in our spiritual and physical growth.

We are given both sides in order for our souls to fully grow into who or what we are truly meant to be. Both sides are important for it gives us freewill. This freewill gives us the freedom to grow as we choose, and not how someone else chooses us to be. Its this freedom that allows us to experience many different things, it forces us to set our own ethical and moral boundaries, it tests us so we can be firm in what we believe, yet also allows us to change those boundaries. It forces us in situations to make choices and fully understand which each decision entails and to gain deeper understanding on why we chose the way we did, or to continue to seek within why we did what we did. Each decision shapes us and helps us grow as individual and as physical/spiritual beings. It pushes the boundaries we have already set for ourselves and allows us to delve even deeper on how far these emotions can actually go. It expands our minds and allows us to think beyond what we thought possible and to create in physical form (manifesting) what is already within. It takes our dreams and turns it into a physical representation of what is already within. Through the physical labor or creating it, it builds a deeper connection to it. This is what we call "co-creation".

It's this process of ideas that are already within and turning it into physical form that we refer to as "co-creation". Alot of people often get intimidated by this word because it seems to take away the power of the higher power many people believe in. Many people believe their deity is fully in charge, we are the follower's and whatever has come forth is merely the act of a miracle or simply hard work we do, so the idea of having some part in this creation makes people feel they are raising themselves higher then what they feel they should be. Whether divinely guided or simply ideas in our head, we are connected to spirit, but also as physical beings, we can also physically create those ideas into buildings, churches, computer's, internet, whatever. One person creates something which inspires someone else to come up with an idea in order to create and it is what created the societies we all live in today. I think we have all heard the term "as within so without". And that's exactly what co-creation is, taking something within and turning it outward and being able to see it, touch it, hold it, and experience it. It's this beautiful partnership of spirit and body that we become connected to it.It is no longer something we just see, it is something that becomes a part of us because we helped create it. We are a part of it because it is part of us.

Co-creation is often done through "manifesting". Manifesting is simply the energy within and sending it out in order to materialize something specific in your life. This energy is often fueled by one or two things, desire or fear. If you ever read "the laws of attraction", this is based on the concept of manifesting and having the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires. If the desire if strong, then this energy is like a beacon that attracts similar energies to you. Though the idea does work, there are other things that often hinder the ability to manifest what you want. We are designed to program energy and to be able to materialize to some extent this energy. But on the greater scale of things, if we got everything they wanted, it would defeat the entire purpose of our exsistnce,which is to evolve the soul. These hardships are what helps us become who we are going to be, so on a bigger scale of things, there are checks and balances to assure this ability to manifest isn't being abused. It's meant to help "co-create" this world for both ourselves but also the other people within in it. The second issue is not having a clear understanding of our desires. Desires often run deep,the more we want it, the stronger the energy. This is why needs are often met faster then simple desires. When a person is in need, the importance of that need is often very specific in what that need is, and it's usually basic human survival such as a place to live, food, avoiding a dangerous situation, ect. Your more in survival mode and that desperation pushes that energy stronger and harder then anything else you have within you because it's something you can't live without. It's specific enough to send that energy out on what you need, but not so specific that it's unrealistic. It's alot easier getting an apartment then it is a million dollar mansion because energy can't be created, just changed. But if you are wanting to be rich,it will depend on how strong the desire is and if it goes with the greater picture. Often, these desires are fueled by something more practical, such as thinking if you were rich then you would have more time to spend with your family. So the desire isn't really about getting rich, it's about freeing up more time. Desires like this can be good, but they can also backfire in your face because if your really clear about how to do that, you could simply lose your job. Sure, you have all the time in the world for your family, but no money to do anything! Often these desires are more emotional so it's not often a conscious energy that get's sent out. So many people desire to find love, but they have no idea what love means to them or what qualities in a person they are needing to have in order to have that type of relationship. Alot of times someone may want a really hot guy who is a hopeless romantic, and sweeps you off your feet. Then they meet the guy of their dreams and the reason she can do that is because he is a player!! So, it's important to really understand what desires you have and more important why you have them, where does it stem from and then being more specific on what it is you truly want within.

Fear is also another culprit. If you have a strong desire for something but your fear is stronger then the desire, then it's the fear energy that you are sending out,not the desire. You could desire the man/woman of your dreams and they could be sitting right in front of you, but if your to afraid to ever speak to them, then you self sabotaged yourself and manifested your fear, being alone for the rest of your life. Or say you do get into the relationship, but your afraid to take the chance because your fear of a broken heart is greater, then the relationship will never evolve and you just sabotaged yourself of the chance of having the relationship you desire. And this is part of the importance of "facing the darkness" within. The side people avoid, run away from or convince doesn't exsist. It's the hungry ghost that consumes you if you don't take care of it.

We manifest what is deeper within.Thoughts do hold energy, but not much, unless it has a catalyst. For instance, when you were young and got mad at your parents, you probably shouted "I hate you! I wish you were dead!" and the next morning they are still alive and kicking and your thanking God for unanswered prayers. The reason why is because you were angry, and that anger was fueled by pain, not with the intention of actually wanting them dead. You also know you don't hate them, you love them, you were just angry. When it comes to manifesting, it's typically,(notice I said typically) the core that manifests. Emotions run in layers, as do desires. There is usually something behind something else that fuels those desires or fears and it's that core that often manifests, not the basic things. Sometimes, especially when your on survival mode, you will already be at the core when that energy is sent out. But mostly, we are not even aware of where it stems from, the things we manifest often don't make sense to us. But by gaining a better understanding of who we are on a deeper level, we have a better chance of manifesting and the creating the life we desire. (We will delve deeper into this in a later lesson.)

Mysticism is a journey into temple of our souls. It's navigating through the twists and turns that path leads us down, accessing our own personal Akashic records and confronting the shadows within. It's exploring the deep dark crevasses and diving into the healing pools within. Admiring the vastness of our exsistace while appreciating the simplicity within and all around us. As you can see so far, it's one pathway that leads to another pathway. Sometimes we end up at a specific destination. Sometimes it's a dead end,you never know and that is where the mystery lyes. It's the journey that the Mystics before have traveled and the sacred journey we all travel now. This course is a part of my journey and I look forward to taking that journey with you!

**** This course is designed to share my own personal journey into the temple and sharing the knowledge I learned along the way. It is meant only to inspire and to open you up new possibilities in order to help you on your own journey. The lessons I have learned are shared in this course and is meant for those who feel they may benefit from part are all of it. If there is anything that you do not agree with or have different ideas about, then that is ok to because it's not meant to sway a particular belief. The course is written according to my own beliefs and experiences, but I also believe that truth is subject, so my truth may or may not be yours. I don't believe there is any right or wrong way to belief or how to do things. As individual souls, we each have different needs and the path we forge is our own:) Please feel free to comment about your thoughts and feelings on each lesson. I hope you enjoy this course. I don't really know how long it will be or all that we will be discussing. There are so many pathways' this can go which is all part of the journey :) Feel free to pick and choose the classes you are interested or drawn to take. You won't be graded or required to take anything you don't feel drawn to. There will be assignments which are designed to help take the lesson a bit further, but again, this is not required. Some of the lessons/assignments may get intense so please work at your comfort level. This is an introduction course to The Temple of the Soul series :)

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Thanks for this fab post, Angel :)

I completely agree with -
Fear is also another culprit. If you have a strong desire for something but your fear is stronger then the desire, then it's the fear energy that you are sending out,not the desire. You could desire the man/woman of your dreams and they could be sitting right in front of you, but if your to afraid to ever speak to them, then you self sabotaged yourself and manifested your fear, being alone for the rest of your life. Or say you do get into the relationship, but your afraid to take the chance because your fear of a broken heart is greater, then the relationship will never evolve and you just sabotaged yourself of the chance of having the relationship you desire. And this is part of the importance of "facing the darkness" within. The side people avoid, run away from or convince doesn't exsist. It's the hungry ghost that consumes you if you don't take care of it.

We manifest what is deeper within.Thoughts do hold energy, but not much, unless it has a catalyst
True.. whilst fear is bound to set in and even feelings of not deserving and not being worthy enough, or even thoughts of it not being possible at all.. they will come but I guess the key is mastering to let the thoughts pass by without giving in to beliving them. From believing.. to listening and letting them go again...
It's also true that thoughts are very powerful and a different state of mind can create so much change .. :)

That must have taken some time to type out- Thank you!
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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A truly great post angel722 - fabulously worded and so true!

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Appreciable! Really impressed!

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Thank you for the reminder :)

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