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I don't know. I'm confused

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Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:57 pm

I grew up seeing the darkness. I don't know how to explain or express myself in who I am. Please be patient, I am going to list off what I know about myself.
I have seen the darkness they were always trying to break into me like I was an egg when I was younger, I could see the shadow realm perfectly and the hundreds of shadows that follow people I witnessed these shadows breaking into my Brothers as well and I always ran away from the shadows to hide and I'd stay close to people with large shields around them so the shadows couldn't get me while I healed, I had my lucid vision (I thought it was my brother at first because the body was water logged and discolored) witnessing myself drown at the age of 3 and then I felt so scared as I watched myself drown that I gave my heart and love out from my soul and I panicked looking for my family. Fast forward to when I was five I was in the pool alone and I ran out of air underwater, I could feel myself exhale in a moment of panic and fear I commanded the universe to behave as I needed it to and I told myself I would only inhale air while I was underwater and I did. Fast forward to being 16 I practiced astral projection and I ended up succeeding only to see a week into the future and saw my teenage self and my girlfriend sitting infront of my old elementary school breaking up while I was looking down on us from a peaceful cloud palace. God was next to me as a fissure or rip in eternity and was trying to assure me everything would be okay, a week later I just sat there as my ex girlfriend repeated everything I already heard her say. As I was breaking down in this cloud palace, I was invited to become one with God, the fissure of time and space, etc. I told the fissure that I will be good just being myself. Fast forward to my twenties I have become one with the fissure, and I started being able to see the spirits of people in the shadow world. Example I can see darker spirits pull the soul out of my friend and try to drag him upstairs, I have walked out of my body and fought the darker spirit with love, I asked him about it afterwards and he was glad I came to talk to him because he said he was about to go upstairs and just go to bed at his own party. To me it feels like I learned how to defend our human souls and command and condemn the evil shadows into neutrality giving us mutual respect between darkness and light. I can feel everything around me in a distance, emotions, people's pain, I move into multiple dimensions and I can feel thousand different versions of myself and I don't know if I'm supposed to do anything. I feel like I can do so much and have no idea what I am supposed to do or what kind of Spiritual this is... I feel like I am someone who's supposed to do this stuff, I can see conflict for what it really is instead of the layers over the pain of the heart and I don't know how to channel it into living my life in a productive way.

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Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:12 pm

Encounters and experiences can be psychic in nature, precog for one. These are abilities you can enhance if you choose to, there are many good books you can gain knowledge from, there's Aaron Doughty he explains the dimensions.....raising your consciousness. Empathetic ppl , I'm one as well, will sense other ppl emotions etc. As an Empath we learn what don't belong to us we don't hang on to, it will create to much baggage, allow yourself to be open to receive (as in working as a psychic, for example) and when you want your space. You control not the other way around. A soul can't be taken it's energy, we are energy. Others may step into our space however we decide what we allow. If a person feels they are being controlled then they allow that to happen so depending on what an individual allows in there life. We have dual energies, so there is what is known as shadow self and depending how an individual handles that their own energies. The word evil is a term to scare (which I won't go into) however to walk an enlightened path one must let go of out dated terms "scary" that serve no purpose except for Hollywood movies.
Channel the energy of what you sense, defined it such as spirit communication, if it's spirit ask questions get as much info was you can, take note of colors, smell, objects, environment, anything to make it clear, this will help the connection or link become stronger thus begins the building blocks hence fine tuning of your skills.

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Thu Sep 05, 2019 4:08 pm

It's funny as I've got older I've been unable to understand certain entities there communication to me as sounded not understandable the soul of a past human is understandable it's true what they say about past loved ones communicating to you in dream state it's much easier for them less scary for you problem is that ones own personal experience and not validation

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