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Sun May 05, 2019 2:54 pm

Just stop fighting those long past wars , you lost, you won,
but created the enemy and they created you. Where lies your freedom ,
you ate the fruit from the wrong tree ,learned wrong realities as truths ,
you created them was send away to live them and fought for their rights,
a battle easily lost or won from the real enemies with in ,
stop eating that apple and be free no one holds you down but you ,
a you, you are not, and can never be , never be free ,
you are what you always have been, an eternal being of light not one of his tools .
not a tool of the master but the master him self ,shed that illusion and be free ,
back home where you once left long ago a for filling energy will be all around and all in you back Home .
You are back home now and as one of us* who know and see and feel it all
We talked about all that which is written here , so many words ,
for get them all we thought , we don't live in your world and you not in ours .
we might meet but never eye to eye , . Words and language do you even know what that is ?
you use it but so do we* at times .
Language spoken to an other and the other understands but what does 'understand' mean ?
it means they have established a connection between them. a connection ?
Yes as etheric cord made from energy from one soul to the other . That cord
holds the intention or meaning of what had been shared .
This is regarded as knowledge in the 3D world ,.
Sharing knowledge is cording one to the other and the subject is than understood .
This is no knowledge at all , the souls are made of light and so are the cords ,
they are the same
so how could this than be knowledge ? don,t you get it ?
what if there was only water and you made certain shapes out of water ,
these shapes would than be knowledge ? but they are only a segment of the larger same ,
that lager is already every thing ! In the higher reality this is not done ,
no etheric cords between souls that shares intentions . That procedure creates distance ,
a distance between souls that is often used to mislead the other . as this can be done ,
they cant see the corded connections
only feel the effect and that is often miss used in so many ways .
A hidden system all are bogged down in, in the 3D incarnated world .
See this, Know this, now that would be some knowledge,
one that gives great freedom and much insight .

*us , *we = me and my friends

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