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indigo children, parallel universe and so on

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hi im chelsea,

First off I believe my daughter is an indigo child she fits all the criteria and I have always thought there was something special about her do you guys know how I can help her progress? she is only 5 at the moment so i don't want to bombard her, but I would like her to know about what she is,

my spirit guide told me she is from the planet Venus.

Now on to me, I have had a feeling for years that I am not compatible with earth, i don't fit in, i cant hold down jobs i cant connect with people in fact other peoples energy drains me.

when i spoke with my spirit guide through meditation I was informed of the following please don't be alarmed:

-That I am a lost soul trapped in a vessel on Earth and I originate from Saturn
-I am destined to leave this earth soon to a parallel universe he called Paradise X, it is a mirror of our world but the sky is an indigo color, all the colors are more vivid and intense there is no religion, no racism, no radiation etc its a pure version, the way planet earth was supposed to be
- I have to leave my vessel on the 23rd august 2017, I have to cut to release all bad spirits and energies, then walk into the sea and drift off , when my vessel dies i will be transported to paradise X
- the master of paradise X is Xenyu and she is the overseer and once all the work is complete planet earth will be destroyed by PLANET X on the 18th December 2020 and ALL children and ALL genuinely good people will be brought across to start a new life on a new planet as it was initially intended.
- I don't see the passing of my vessel as suicide/death its a transition one that has to take place as I was chose along with others, some of which may even be on here!

I know this is a lot to take in but to hear other peoples views would be greatly appreciated,
many thanks in advance XoX

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Hi Chelsea

Only just saw your post :

I can understand where you are coming from generally

Here's my take on it , hope this helps you

It's definitely possible your daughter is an indigo. There are many indigo children and it can definitely be apparent by age 5 that they are spiritually aware -Common term for these children - Indigo's. They say that the younger ones - children today are crystals, and usually come from Indigo group parents. So it could be possible you are indigo, daughter is crystal-child. But labels aside, I definitely believe she could be :o)
You are right, it can be hard to know how to help them progress without bombarding them. I'd say the best way for age 5 is probably to just be receptive to all they share and give them comfort if they ever feel frightened. This validates to them that they are safe, reassures them
I'd say to just let them be ~ reassure~ show understanding. (I'm sure you already do, so in essence, you're doing it right :thinktank: the only mistake I can think of at this point is pushing them for information. Repeated questions of what they are seeing or becoming aware of only seems to highlight it and can frighten or confuse them.. so questions are best left. Love, understanding, and listening are best things right now to help.
I used to see age 5 and recall how everytime I mentioned something I was shunned to silence... it didn't do me any good, I felt more singled out than ever. So It's just really important to show understanding, even if it doesn't make much sense yet. It's good to remember your child is so gifted, there's no need to worry they are unwell or delayed or that there is anything wrong with them. They are just gifted with sight/clairvoyance.. the empathy& understanding which they will someday use for great things. And who is the best guide for her? you are, mom.. sounds like you are pretty open to the spiritual and paranormal and that's a blessing for crystal/gifted children.

''my spirit guide told me she is from the planet Venus.'' -- Nice. There really is no limit on that.. spirit guides could be from anywhere.. some believe they have some from Atlantis, Sirius, Andromeda.. so Venus , who's to say not so ? :o)

''That I am a lost soul trapped in a vessel on Earth and I originate from Saturn
-I am destined to leave this earth soon to a parallel universe he called Paradise X, it is a mirror of our world but the sky is an indigo color, all the colors are more vivid and intense there is no religion, no racism, no radiation etc its a pure version, the way planet earth was supposed to be
- I have to leave my vessel on the 23rd august 2017, ''

Ok Chelsea.. hugs.. here's my take on this

You definitely don't sound odd here.. many of us can relate to feeling/believing we are from elsewhere and come here with certain purposes. We have quite a few threads here in the forum on a few of them.. Lightworkers, Starseeds mainly. With you mentioning the planets and feeling lost etc, I would say it's probably likely you could relate to the Starseeds group. (Many don't like using the labels that come with different soul groups, but I prefer to use them as it helps categorize a little. It all comes down to this... You know in your heart you are here with purposes.. you are feeling a calling to return to source. And that is ok. There is nothing odd about that.. I have spoken to and known so many people who are feeling this way.
Ravenswings has a post in the forum titled 'The dark night of the soul' and this post is for everyone who is feeling like they are being called back. You could say.. the ones who feel spiritually tired and done here with their purposes. For any given reason. Feeling like time here is up...
I will tell you this: often, whilst I can understand how you're feeling, i'll say this. The Earth needs *you* now more than it *ever* has done. And I know this sounds vague and blunt but it's not your time yet. No matter the reasons why or what you have heard.. these times are testing for us all. But of all times, it's time for you to find yourself some support- in any sense- to make sure you can get through this patch. By help, it could be seeking out others in your soul-group who are understanding this and learning how they made it through the ''dark night'' (term given to the rough time we face which tests our will) .. Because there are ways through it and sometimes it takes time for us to realize that looking back, reflecting ... we see that we are glad we did stick around here as we actually had more purposes in life than we had previously seen. And by that, I don't just mean the serving-everyone else purposes. But the ones which mean you experience happiness here. And get to stick around to see the progress from small things you have done for yourself - and others - and the planet.

And your little crystal/indigo warrior needs you around as well.

It's time to find what you need-- spiritually, practically-emotionally- physically. What is going to help you through?

I know that feeling alone in this is the worst feeling ever. Especially when mentioning this to an average person in an office.. you'd be met with puzzled faces. But not here at ABT.. in fact, you'll find many people who understand this, relate to it clearly, and can help you with the spiritual aspect.
I'd also say it's time to check in with yourself.
Many times people ask .. ''how are you feeling?'' and automatically we have learned to say ''I'm ok, thank you''. But when you are alone... and you ask yourself. What is the true answer. Are you ok? Are you struggling?... Are you checking in with yourself? . Do you truly know what else you need to get through this rough patch?. Chances are you might have an idea.. is there something unresolved.. are you needing help with anything?. Listen to that inner voice within, it knows what you need. But of all times, it's not one for exiting and going anywhere. If you are drawn to the sea, it could just be signaling a need for cleansing for yourself in your life. You know. Checking in with nature, nourishing your soul. I recently went to sit and watch the full moon by the water and it was so needed. It was time to check in with myself. Don't leave, stick around. Look after yourself

Know ABT is here to support in any way they/we can :thumbsup:


"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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