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Developing the Intuition

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Perfection cannot exist in imperfection, hence with intuition being a spiritual faculty the closer our nature comes to that of the Divine, the more intuitive we are destined to become.

Each individual human being is incarnated with unique virtues which when exercised yields spiritual growth. Its very important not to percieve reward, treat others as you would have them do to you.

Be kind and loving regardless of public or professional setting, accept that you cannot please everyone, never worry for how you will appear, this is choosing Gods love over the false "immediate" gratification of the acceptance of others.

Understand that all are equal, human beings all originated from a state of perfect unity, to hate another person is to hate yourself as divine light shines in all creatures of creation.

Energy blockages are created that distorts or completely eliminates the use of intuition when we try to block out or bury our pain and suffering, the very purpose of human suffering is for the adaptation and growth of our spiritual consciousness. Crying is the purification of the soul.

Peace and tranquility coupled with dedicated contemplation will ultimately lead to a greater understanding of the world and a greater capacity to commit good deeds - this is the purpose of meditation. The Human mind is accustomed to always being in control, always having a job to do, quieting the mind is an absolute must if you wish to access the deeper states of consciousness.

Understand that human emotion, the 5 human senses are all by-products of the shell our spiritual selves inhabit hence they are obstacles as much as they are tools for our own advancement. Meditation is a way to train ourselves to greatly reduce these faculties and gain access to our intuition in daily life.

Everything in life that causes us worry, causes us to experience pain, causes distraction needs to be seen as a wall between you and your intuition, it needs to be dealt with and accepted before any real progress can be made.

See every fear in life, every chance to do good or resist temptation as a spiritual test, if you fail then accept this as meant to be by Gods divine will and truly aim to become better.

Purity and Acceptance of self and others is crucial, negative intentions only speaks to divinity that the initiate seeks to pervert the knowledge gifted to them and there is a greater abundance of self than selflessness.

The intuitive language speaks through symbolism of our own individual thoughts and daily occurrences in life from the image of a cat cutting the lawn in your head to the honking of a car horn at a stop light. No one can interpret this symbolism nearly as accurately as you can because its tailored to your own experiences in life. What youve seen on a movie, heard on a song, read in a book etc. all is coded in some way, shape, or form to be interpreted a certain way for a certain purpose in our lives.

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