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Kissed in a dream, but never kissed anyone?

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A while ago, I had a kiss in a dream. I've never kissed anyone before, but I've kissed 2 people in dreams. I was talking about it with my friend and she said she had a similar moment where she was in a dream and almost kissed someone, but because she had never kissed anyone up to that point so in her dream she described the kiss as just like nothing where her brain couldn't fill in what a kiss is. So now I'm wondering if I've forgotten my first kiss which is very not likely because My memory is in the 99% and I've never had any romantic partners. Anyone here maybe know something about that?

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Not everything you see when you are unconsciously dreaming is subconscious or hallucination. You can run into other dreamers or beings (such as people who are deceased).

If you are highly aware you would be more objective, see things more as they are. You could also be dreaming in regions which are less messy, and where you might more easily perceive things clearer.

This means the one you kissed might not be a real person one way or another. It is however also possible that a dreamer interacting with someone, talking to them, doing things, or in this case kissing, is doing so with another dreamer, or a regular spirit etc.

It is also possible to "distort"/repaint, the appearance of a stranger, such as another dreamer, spirit etc into someone you know, like a family member.

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