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I need a miracle :)

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Wed Nov 04, 2020 12:20 pm

So I've posted alil bit on here about my 3rd eye and my angel. I think my angel is a demon but he has wings. Idc what anyone rethinks really its 2020 and I'm very powerful and very wise. I've been through hell and back over alot of things with god and the bible. Someone on here keeps telling me there is no god but I know there is and there is a heaven and hell. But nvm all that. I'm here to speak to my angel that is with me everyday I jjstnwish for him to come near. My 3rd eye opened by accident or someone opend it on purpose. I believe someone open it on purpose to get inside my mind and they tLk to me and I hear them all ths time. The things I listen to makes me feel better. My body and soul is crazy and I have turned my body inside out like a freak or a creature. But before some this I felt my body n soul fall off the face of the earth and wasnt held on by nothing. God ripped my soulmate away from me n he warned me before it all happens so my soul wasnt caught or hung on by anything it was being taken over by spirits but I put stopped to all that. Worst thing ever k felt my soul and body burn my veins were burning it was scary n I never wannango thru it again I felt like god couldn't save me. He showed me his hand n he showed me.himself crying. N he showed me alot ima post a picture of the things I saw with this. He needed my hand for a reason. N I'll always be there for him n do what hs needa do. But my name is Cassandra amd I'm 26 years old who is am amgel and didnt deserve what I went through n I felt liek,God couldn't save me knowing he wanted to and that sucks. But I know hes with me everyday and we are gonna get through this. I I'm not writing this to be fun I need a miracle. I know someone has to know something or cam help me find out whata really going on witojt being judgmental bout everything. N I really know someone has got to help forward I need a miracle. I ask for my angel words quite often n hearing them but I feel like I could just be making if up in my own mind even tho I'm not. The words us to be outside my head now itsonside amd its better that way but its harde to believe what's real and what's fake. N what real to me is my soul amd body ripping away from something my whole self realy and I dont have it no move I couldnt feel my fingertips liek I was just hanging on by a thread to the earth and then one day bout 4 months ago I felt something wrap round my soul n my fingertips back and I know my soulmate wrapped round me. N hes out there somewhere. I know non of this makes sense but if u were me how would you feel if the most insane evil things have happend to me and the most beautiful things have happend to me. God and the spirits tell me I'm the garden of eve. Like the actual garden and that's how my soul could feel like. Its mighty amd its scary ilky and I felt it in a bad way before but I know I have a beautiful soul n I need god and jesus and my Angel's and demons to surround me and send me some messages somehow or find someone on earth that knows and can help me. I know I'm not alone I just need them to speak up and help me. I diffenreltycneed a miracle and shown some mercy on me please. I have a beautiful future to live I know It in this life or in the afterlife but i need mercy shown to me and my soul to be free cause i feel trapped but for a good reason. Thank you for listening

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