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Seeing Evil

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Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:26 am

Ok. This is the first time Ive decided to reach out to get some help with this because frankly, I need it from people who can tell me what the heck is going on or what Iam. Iam going to just cit to chase and tell you all the most dramatic of what I can do in my opinion. Then work down the list and maybe someone can help me understand this better.
First of all I have these dreams. seen Heaven not once but two times. Once An angel carried me to heaven and brought me to this big ball of light under an arch what looked like a cabana of sorts and the ball asked me to take on the task of retreiving a demon and I risk my soul by doing this an I of course agreed. I can describe even now in detail all these dreams. The angel that brought me there spoke to me but his mouth didnt move. The second dream I was climbing these floating cliffs, with water falling off the edges. When I reached a platform an angel was there looked at me and pointed accross the sky. I looked and saw a darkening vortex of swirling clouds. I knew thats not a place I want to go. In the first dream i went to hell to go get this demon to brong back to heaven. I was in a pitch black tunnel covered in this bright light as I could see my way as I walked. Then, all sorts of bugs began covering me yet I still walked forward and they fell away. I walked into a chamber. In this chamber, there was a tiny walkway infront of me with smoke and faded orange lava like liquid beneath that and people moaning like echoes deep within the smoke and fog. Accross from me there was a throne or chair built into the chamber wall with a flat wide face ogre looking demon. He was staring at me and then these other demons came out of holes in the wall. They came close to me but wouldnt attack me. They looked like lizards almost and on all fours they had tails. I then walked forward to the demon and stood in front of him and felt pity. Of all the things I could feel in that moment pity washed over me pity and release. I spoke to this demon without actually talking. It was the oddest thing. Then I reached down to touch the demon and it turned into a baby. Literally a helpless baby. I picked it up in my arms and floated to heaven where I gave it to the ball of light and it literally absorbed it! Those are the dreams of heaven and hell. Now this next very special dream I share because I must tell you I know is a real place! There really is a valley of the shadow of death just like the lines say. There may even be an angel of death I think I actually met in a form of a young woman with red hair. Now, Im trying to be as descriptive as I can to relay everything Ive seen so that I can better understand WHY and how can I see these things or what the heck Iam. Im not what I think is exactly psychic but def something else. Not a profit either. But something else I just dont know. After this dream I will just list the other things I can do and maybe someone can tell me what the heck Iam. So, the dream begins with myself looking at myself sleeping. A boy about 5 yrs old glowing slightly walks into the room and puts his hand in mine. I get pushed into my sleeping body and feel his hand in mine. Its my grandfather. Then all goes dark and now things come into view. Im standing on a bridge. An overpass on a freeway. The boy is now a shadow hovering next to me. I look out in the distance over the bridge and see this convoy of suvs coming. Now Im really scared. Like too scared. I cannot understand why Im so scared. The convoy stops at cement stairs under the overpass and come up to me in military uniforms, led by a small fair complexion red haired woman. She is smiling sweetly at me which comforts me quite alot. I say to her wow the uniforms have really changed. She said here you have to come with me and im going to give you this shot it wont hurt I promise and she gave me a shot in my forearm and everything went dark. Now. Heres where what must be the valley of the shadow of death. Its pitch black and I know the shadow is still with me but I csn see it. I hear a voice in the darkness the girls voice. She tells me Im to guide this soul through the obsticles that block the way. I then look out before me and I can see through the dark faint outlines of what looks like either furniture, or dark wooden crates. So as I make my way through the darkness begins to grey. I reach the brightest part of the grey, intil the voice sais, you cannot proceed after this to me and I get what I can only say is pushed out of the entire dream. I wake up in actual life and knew, just knew my grandfather was dead. I told my mother to verify a witness. Thats what I do now with these dreams. Then 20 min later my dad calls and tells me grandpa died. So, that would have to mean I just guided my grampa through the valley or his valley rather, of the shadow of death and who was that woman? Could there truly be an angel of death as in literally speaking!? Now I will list the things I can do or see or feel some are very odd not like psychic things really or profit type things just odd diffrent mixes of things. Here they are:
1. Im visited by people who have just died by their smell or seing them in dreams but in dreams within dreams.
2. I dream of past lives people, names times clothes dates.
3. I can see evil around a person in color, or by looking into their eyes. And sometimes the evil notices that I see it.
4. I can curse people and bad things actually happen so I dont dare do that to people after I realized it.
5. I can see how people die if they ask me. Im always looking down at them and can see scenes.
6. I can look at persons picture and know if they are dead or alive.
7. I can mute evil in items, force things out of items. Like dolls or objects. I can make evil things speak to me.
8.I can tune into peoples bodies to see medically to see how they will die, just by looking and focusing on them.
9. I can make people very ill by touching them sometimes. But I can also make myself very ill too.
10. I can see scenes from a person life long dead if i look at their picture. Even people dead hundreds of years. Always from an above position or behind them.
Can someone please give me some idea what this is. Or something close to what they think this is so I can research or understand more about myself or maybe understand why I can do these things? What should I be doing with these abilities. Who can I talk to?
Any help would be great! Thank you all.
- Falconsol

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