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Grounding and Shielding Guide

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How to Ground

Grounding is an important step in keeping yourself balanced and moving into more aspects of energy working. There are many different methods people employ, but I will only be going through a simple outline that can be molded for the individual quite easily.
  1. Put your feet to the ground. It is best if you can do it barefoot with your feet in the dirt or grass but being barefoot in a house works as well.
  2. Breathe deep and clear your mind. Then, imagine roots or tendrils of energy going out of your body from your feet into the ground, and roots coming up from the ground into you.
  3. Gather all the negativity, excess energy, unwanted emotions, or anything you would like to get rid of and send it into the Earth through the roots/tendrils. Imagine it flowing down, starting from your head, and gathering more as it travels downward into the ground.
  4. Continue this until you feel you have done enough/feel balanced.
Some people use the wind to blow away what is unwanted, and others use water and rain. Any way that works for you is fine as long as it does the job.


How to Shield
This can be considered a “Part 2” to Grounding in some respects. This is mainly used to keep out unwanted energy, emotions, or even block psychic attacks. There are mainly 3 different ways to shield, which I will explain, but like with Grounding, many more than just that.

  1. After Grounding, breathe deeply and get into a semi-meditative state.
  2. Feel your energy, and how it circulates through your body.
  3. Imagine a bubble around you and build it with the energy you feel circulating.
  4. Continue until you feel it is strong and durable.
It is a simple method of building a beginner shield and helps protect you from stray feelings or energy. Some people prefer the shield to be “skin-tight”, or just a couple inches everywhere above the body rather than a bubble.

  1. Have the element (earth/crystal, fire, water, air, nature, storm, darkness, light, etc.) that you are most connected with
  2. physically near you if possible.
  3. Ground, then get into a semi-meditative state.
  4. Feel the element you are connecting with you in your whole body, traveling up and down your arms and legs.
  5. Now, feel and envision it surrounding you, encompassing you, and protecting you.
  6. Continue until it you feel it is strong and durable.
Guide/Entity Assistance
This one cannot exactly be described with a step by step process, more of a walk through. If you have a spiritual being you are close to, i.e. a guide, they can help you make a shield if they are willing. To do this, you simply just ask them to build you an energetic shield. They may or may not have you do some of it as well. In the case that you do, just simple follow one of the two previous methods or your own.


These guides are just meant as a basic introduction to grounding and shielding. Practice, in my opinion, is the most important thing when doing either. After time, they will more than likely become second nature to you. I hope this guide helps!

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