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Astral Projection

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Thu May 03, 2018 2:09 pm

Hello everyone!

I have questions about Astral Projection. I was warned not do it, bc it was dangerous. If one prepares properly, is it still dangerous?

I feel like projection could be a useful tool for soul development. Maybe that is not the case. I would love to converse with someone with projection experience.

If it is a "safe" skill to learn, what is the best way to do it? I have research many methods, but I have never attempted.

Have a nice day!

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Thu May 03, 2018 11:22 pm


What does dangerous mean? You can go to the store to buy groceries and get hit by a car or get mugged. There are many myths about Astral Projection, many claims which are not true.

It is hard to speak about "dangers" without a lot of details. There are beings which are not friendly, which are negative in the astral, as are there in this physical world of ours. There are also beings which are very friendly and full of light.

The spirit itself is basically indestructible, you can dive from space down to earth and be perfectly fine, or be stabbed with a sword and not get a scratch.

The astral world is also the natural home of the spirit. You cannot avoid that world, you will go there after death, and you also spend all your sleep time there (though usually unconsciously). You could say that you are more at home there than you are here, in a way.

You could run into an unfriendly being in which case you could use various forms of defense (forms of protection) that are possible if there is trouble, or chose to return to body which is possible at any time instantenously.

There are many pepole who travel and explore the astral and other dimensions. There is a lot of help people can get from the higher beings such as guides, ascended masters and beings of light. Many guides are known to show people who travel out of body around, and help them around the astral.

Ascended Masters and Beings of Light ("Angels" etc) can be contacted and you can get teachings and help, shown places, taught and learn.

It is also quite common that someone who puts a lot of practise and work into learning to leave the body get help by guides and higher beings to make it out of body, help to get out.

If exploring outside of the body was discouraged or generally bad, all the help given from beings of light and friendly beings would not make sense.

There are also some other things worthy of being aware of and consider. For instance, if someone progresses spiritually far enough (grow spiritually enough), they would naturally end up having experiences outside of the body and in other dimensions weither they want to or not. A part of growing spiritually is to become more aware of your true self and of reality. It is natural that if someoene progresses spiritually enough, they would start to have experiences in other dimensions eventually as a result.

In addition there is a reason why spiritual progress/growth and exploration outside of the body are sometimes/oftentimes spoken of together. They are not the same things, but a part of deep spiritual progress is to know reality and yourself. You cannot truly get to do this, if you do not in one way or another explore the other dimensions, through some form of out of body experiences etc.

There are pros and cons with most things in the world. Which one weighs the most depends on you, what you want to achieve.

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