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Discerning Spirits..

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Unread post Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:18 pm

Hi everyone,

I have a question about medium work. Can someone give tips on how to identify and avoid familiar spirits a.k.a. manipulative negative spirits? Have anyone experienced any tricky spirits that are posing as the people on the other side?
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Answer is No. Loved ones in spirit come forward in love. Try this though... and i don't know which universa law it is linked to... but its...

You will need utmost control over your boundaries and be in the drivers seat first before trying this exercise. You will need your intent to be Positive. And you may want to look at grounding, protection, shielding and smudging also to keep your workspace free of hindering energy.

By universal law any energy that is not working for my higher good to please step back and leave me be
in the name of universal love and light.

And this if that does not work..

By universal law, any energy that is NOT working for my higher good, including, anxiousness, worry, stress, negative vibrations, jealousy, guiding or negative guiding energy and doubt that is NOT working for my higher good to STEP back and LEAVE me be in peace so I can move on and forwards in love,light and harmony. May this energy vacate the old space it fills and be blessed in love and light so that it too can move forwards into its rightful place in the universe.

And know respectively in your heart that any energy meaning you harm will step back and leave you be because of respecting your boundary and wishes as one just starting on the path.
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