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Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:52 pm
by dream jo
had 2 dreams i did i did
dream 1
techers secretttb afeir
had a dream wear i wz on soslal mediaa i gona cross 1 of my old techrss on spy cam but a old frind toldd me it z mr t 1 of my oldd th tehers he did on liv cam web liv he wz bragin he wz havi a lov afir wif sum 1 but in dreeam he got fond ort he did thn he camm cross me he thrt it wz me it c snitchh on him i saed no way im just get stuff fro spook churhh i go to but in dream he wz not nises he wz not thn wok p off ths dream

dream 2
secrett wall led to aner secrett roomss

had a neor dream wear me old frinds saw a hl in a wall ovr 1 of skoll heterss we did hav had imlr dreams l ths wen i wz a kid i did o me frinds desid to cloim ovr ot we did screze thu it we did we got in sud a secrett class roomm we did wear ther wz secrett hud clothss hidn manqrenss thy wz but dream gets moree crazrr othr kids it wz in my skool errerr desed to wot we wear doin sum 2 z oldr thn we wear thn sum sum of old tchrs wz hidin in secrtt class room
hidin wif trecherss secrettt stuff do thy wear thn wok up off ths 1 to i did