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First Lucid Dream - Big White Dog?

Want to know the meaning to your dreams or nightmares?

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Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:51 pm

A few nights ago I had a dream I was able to end at will when I felt afraid. I've never been able to control a dream on any level before.

The details of the dream, if they're relevant:

I was coming out of a large conference room with a new co-worker and a co-worker who, in waking life, just left his position. When we left the conference room we were in the lobby of an unfamiliar hotel, but in the dream we all seemed to know where we were. I went to go up a set of stairs, presumably to my room, and both co-workers headed toward a set of glass double doors. The new co-worker asked me "Are you coming?" and I asked "Where?" She said "To lunch with him," referring to the old co-worker. I said "No, thanks." When the old co-worker went to push open the doors he had a very hard time doing it. He was finally able to wedge through, but the doors shut right behind him. When me and the new co-worker tried to shove the doors open we couldn't do it. The old co-worker was trying to also help us open the doors from his side. As he was doing this, a huge white dog came up behind him and sat next to him. This dog came up to his chest standing on all fours and looked, to me, like a Siberian Husky (if that matters). I pointed at the dog to try to tell my co-worker it was there, but a woman came up screaming at him and started trying to get into the lobby. The scary thing was the woman's face was sort of melted, like the skin was melting off her face, and she had no discernible features. The co-worker was trying to fend her off and we told him to run, so he did. A whole bunch of melty-faced people tried to get in. Me and the new co-worker had to run from the door and found ourselves surrounded by these aggressive melty-faced people. We started to run upstairs and the new co-worker started to feel sick so I had her lean on me as we went and eventually she stopped in the middle of the stairs and told me to go get help. I ran to, presumably, my hotel room, which was unfamiliar to me in waking life, but familiar to me in the dream - I knew where everything was. I could hear commotion outside the room and I was very frightened. I got my cell phone off a charger and tried 911, but got no answer. I went to call my house and suddenly realized "Wait, I was in my house." As soon as I realized that, I woke up abruptly and I was all sweaty and scared.

My Interpretation:

To me, most of this dream relates pretty well to my waking life. My co-worker I've worked with since I started is leaving, and a newer co-worker is having to step into his shoes unexpectedly. We're both finding it overwhelming, and the old co-worker helps when he can, but can only do so much.


The thing I'm confused about is the big white dog. It seemed pretty significant, but wasn't actively doing anything in the dream. It just showed up and observed. I've read that it could represent a change, the end of a phase. That also makes sense, since it was on the other side of the door with my co-worker rather than on my side.

Has anyone ever seen a big white dog in a dream?
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Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:28 am

I've never seen a white dog, however also wanted to mention that white animals in dream can sometimes be quite symbolic of newness and spiritually related matters too! It sounds like this might be something to do with your spirituality and awareness kind of keeping an eye out for your subconsciously too!
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Tue May 08, 2018 7:16 am

Nope. But I did want to mention that sometimes animal totems will come up in dreams. Sometimes often as in the white can represent purity and spirituality too. Dogs are loyal to the person they befriend, shows great essence of character and animals don't judge either on that one but offer unconditional respect and love. A fab friend to have as a totem guide, methinks. The size also does not matter because they can change forms accordingly as to how much you need to hear the message.

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Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:38 am

From reading all of the details in that dream you shared in your post, I would have to say something like a big white dog in a dream that stood out the most would represent a central significant part to your waking life. I don't do dream interpretation, nor am I good at doing such. But I will say that whatever person, animal, place, or thing stands out the most in a dream would have a certain significant meaning within the whole dream itself. Just can't really say what that maybe in yours.

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