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spookss in vadedd me

Want to know the meaning to your dreams or nightmares?

dream jo
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Unread post Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:27 pm

had a dream wear sooks cum in my hom i did carzin maym thy wear trunin tas tappps on off thy wear carzin floods in evry room thy wear thwin my thngs areon thy wear steelin moony off me thy wear thn i wok up i did

siens ths dream i thng soo spooks is still invadin me 0 mis aftr th dresm dream 7am i get a foen call wong numbr askin for matt
bean stukc in qs
bac ho smok almes bean goin off lk god noz wot it 1st i thrt it wz insess stikc but no wz my cats toyss a toy arret it belngs t thm setin alm off
:lol: :x :twisted: :evil: :roll: :mrgreen:

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Unread post Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:22 am

wow it seems these spirits are very mischievous and like to play, maybe they are kids or faeries, I'll be honest with you its nothing to worry about, laugh with them because to them its a game. If things get to much for you, you can always tell them to leave you be :)

take care Dream jo :)

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