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Remembering Rosie

Share your pics or thoughts of your pets and animals.

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Unread post Sat Jan 26, 2019 8:26 am

I had a cat that i had for 12 years that died of renal failure in her early teens in December of 2016. I adopted her from a co worker so i wasn't exactly sure how old she was, but i think she was a few years old. Getting old sucks... I think in animals it becomes more clear as their lifespan is only a fraction of our's in most cases. They become part of your family. Then comes the dreaded day when you have to take them to be put to sleep. It's not fun, but imagine not being there when they die? I can't imagine doing that to a pet. It's hard, but it also reminds me that everything is here one minute and then they are gone, but the end shouldn't bring sadness because it is merely the beginning of another adventure. I truly believe that and i believe that we are all connected somehow. Every single pet's energy moves on to somewhere else and maybe is another pet in an alterntate realiyu or maybe they are reading to move into higher forms of conciousness. I miss Rosie, but i know that our time shared will not be forgotten.

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That is a good philosophy. I have a cat named Rosie that came to live with us last year. She showed up at my cousins and made friends with my grandson so my daughter brought her home. Rosie is the name my grandson gave her. She is a smart cat and I think sometimes cats can tell us what their name i and a 7 year old can hear better than an adult. When my kids were little I rescued a pregnant cat that someone had dumped in our apartment complex. She had 5 kittens, which I found homes for, but my favorite came back to me. The kids had named all the kittens candy names and he was the orange one so they called him Taffy. He did not like that name. When I got him back my friend came over and said "Oh, he looks like a Sparky. Is that his name?" and he ran to her and "talked" to her in a way he had never talked to anyone. So, his name was Sparky and after that he seemed happy.

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