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Sickness in the Workplace

Something you want to get off your chest, say it 'BIG'

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I just need to rant a little for a second.

I work in an office environment, and I swear the place is a germ factory. I think part of the problem is the vast majority of my coworkers are of the mindset that if you don't go to work you're lazy (unless your death certificate surfaces, in which case you get a pass).

The thing is, I used to work in a pharmacy, which literally is a germ factory. Most of the people you ring out are either in the throes of a contagious illness, or have been exposed to one and aren't symptomatic yet. Also, we were always short-staffed, so you had to come in no matter how sick you were. So most of the people behind the counter were also sick. And, for the first two months I worked there, I caught everything and I was sick all the time. But, after that I hardly ever got sick. I think this was because we were all hyper-aware of how germy the place was, so we were constantly sanitizing everything: washign our hands, sanitizing our hands, wiping down the register and all the work surfaces, phones, and keyboards with alcohol. And because we all did that, it worked pretty well.

At this place, I can wash and sanitize my hands until they crack, but the second I touch a doorknob I'm doomed because no one else in the place knows how to sanitize. Why would they? It's an office.

I'm just saying, if you come in sick, don't infect me, and if you infect me, don't give me crap for not coming in with a fever.

Also, who decided it's taboo to stay home when you're sick? Where did this culture come from that requires you to come in even if you're extremely ill? (Seriously, I've been chewed out for staying home with the flu and pneumonia).
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