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a prayer of forgiveness

Ask or send healing/help to a friend or loved one.

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Thu Jun 29, 2017 1:56 pm

for those who might find it useful. Hope this is right section to post it in!

Loving Spirit

We place our judgement in your healing hands and trust in you 100% that you are leading us along the right path. Loving Spirit, we are many voices united as one and many of us know the difference between right and wrong, but some of us are too afraid to jump upon the chance to conquer the fear of judgement that rules our heart of hearts.

Loving Spirit

We ask that you care and protect us to safe keep our journeys from jeopardy, to preconigitively pre-empt who needs our help more so than others do. We ask you to surround those in dire need of healing light to be surrounded by the divine light and love of spirit, so that they may venture on to their next destination.

Our journeys that have come before you have brought you to us, bound by love, harmony, and good times shared between and amongst other people. Truthfully, it is therefore in much consideration that we carefully request our egoistical natures to be healed and transformed so that we may move forward from the pain that this has prevailed in the past and present.

Loving Spirit

Rest well and reside in peace and harmony, as we bring this prayer of forgiveness to you. We know from past experience that doubt is second thoughts and trust is paramount to working with spirit. Trusting in ourselves too to convey the information that’s needed to be heard as a channel and a conduit of your loving light. We pass on healing to those in need and all those affected by betrayal and distrust. We ask you to set aside your judgement in this line of work. It is wise not to judge a book by the cover, but to pave way forward for the future and to be more accepting of yourselves.

Loving Spirit, we wish you all the best as we proceed to the next direction of our journey. Leaving you with love and healing light.

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