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Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:39 am
by dae
Homebound’s class 9/24/17

9:04 PM Homebound: if you can share God's light and love with another in this dark world, that is a miracle
9:05 PM Homebound: that is from the Kaballah lesson
9:05 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: you are not dark if you are light
9:05 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: the world cannot be dark if your manifestations are light
9:05 PM Homebound: from my other beginner class - there was one huge obstacle to manifesting miracles. does anyone remember what that is?
9:06 PM kimorents: ego
9:06 PM Homebound: yes!!!
9:06 PM Still Small Voice: Ego really blocks a lot of things
9:07 PM Homebound: ego is our biggest obstacle. who here can give me some differences between ego and spirit?
9:07 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: my next life i wish to be one light particle who begets his/her own universe
9:07 PM kimorents: love is spirit and fear is of ego
9:07 PM Homebound: how about 1% and 99% ?
9:08 PM Still Small Voice: Ego does not know about spirit or Being because it is up there in our mind and does not understand it.
9:08 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: i love you, homebound, what is 1%?
9:08 PM Homebound: Ego is only interested in self preservation
9:08 PM kimorents: agree ssv
9:08 PM Homebound: well, who here can tell me what is the 1%? and what is the 99% ?
9:09 PM Homebound: what we can sense with our senses - hear, taste, touch, smell, see - that is all 1% of our reality
9:10 PM kimorents: 99% still alseep and !% fully awake
9:10 PM Homebound: the other 99% is spirit
9:10 PM Homebound: we are just about all spirit, but are deceived with our senses
9:10 PM kimorents: yes
9:11 PM Still Small Voice: Physical does decieve us
9:11 PM Homebound: yet we still believe our eyes
9:11 PM Homebound: but since we are inundated with sensory input, be often believe that is all there is
9:11 PM Homebound: and forget about the unseen
9:12 PM Still Small Voice: It's like we are in the matrix
9:12 PM Still Small Voice: like the move Enter the Matrix
9:13 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: our bodies give us unnecessary sensory
9:13 PM Homebound: but we believe it is all true
9:13 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: emotion is real
9:13 PM Homebound: but which emotions do we want to manifest?
9:13 PM Homebound: this is where ego came in
9:13 PM kimorents: to distract us from love seeing clearly
9:13 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: yes you are getting to the point.
9:14 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: love is the true ecstacy.
9:14 PM Still Small Voice: untrue thought do create feelings and feeling can be felt real but it doesn't make it true. It may seem so but it's not.
9:14 PM Homebound: ego, as I said, is interested only in self preservation. Ego REACTS to triggers.
9:14 PM Still Small Voice: attachment to thought
9:15 PM Homebound: Ego reacts, is robotic, is automatic, requires no thought.
9:15 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: self is temporary
9:15 PM kimorents: so its not your fault you triggered me homey?
9:16 PM Homebound: I may have triggered you kimo, but I am not responsable for your reaction. you are responsible for that
9:16 PM kimorents: darn i have to see things differnently
9:16 PM kimorents: exactly
9:16 PM Homebound: we all have triggers, but ego REACTS !!! Spirit is PROACTIVE.
9:16 PM Homebound: you remember the difference, right?
9:17 PM Homebound: bringing up comparisons of differences between ego and spirit.
9:17 PM kimorents: one brings peace
9:17 PM Homebound: thus, ego 1% of our reality. Spirit 99% of our unseen reality
9:17 PM Homebound: ego reacts. spirit is proactive.
9:18 PM Homebound: these are differences. can you think of any others?
9:18 PM Homebound: Ego has pride. Spirit has love.
9:19 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: ego and spirit can be similar, homebound. you are not touching upon the concept of ego without spirit, but ego existing systematically regarding concept of culture.
9:19 PM Homebound: Ego will manifest more ego. Spirit will manifest love, which will manifest miracles.
9:20 PM Still Small Voice: Okay. So there's thought behind the suffering. Like for example... There's a thought "my mother should understand me". I immediately experienced a feeling of loneliness and I realized that every time in my life I had felt hurt or lonely, I had been in someone else's bussiness. If you are living your life and I am mentally living your life, who is here living mine? We are both over there. Being mentally in your bussiness keeps me from being present in my own. I am separate from myself, wondering why my life doesn't work
9:21 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: i think you need to realize that people don't need to understand you.
9:21 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: you need to understand yourself.
9:21 PM Homebound: good point SSV. So understanding self is important
9:22 PM Homebound: Seeing our own strengths, uniqueness, power, our own inner teacher
9:22 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: :)
is the aim of A Course In Miracles.
9:22 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: YES!
9:22 PM kimorents: smile
9:23 PM Homebound: Once we learn we can trust our higher self, our inner teacher, we learn to love and trust
9:23 PM Homebound: and not so concerned with other people's business. lol
9:23 PM Homebound: unless it is to help
9:23 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: you are beautiful alone
9:24 PM Still Small Voice: Yup. love
9:24 PM Homebound: but even then, we can lead a horse to water but....
9:24 PM Still Small Voice: The next time you are feeling stress or discomfort, ask yourself whosse bussiness you are in mentally and you may burst out laughing! That question can bring you back to yourself.
9:27 PM Homebound: okay, you guys have forgotten a lot!! So just recap what I shared so far about ego and spirit.
9:29 PM Homebound: moving forward then. To manifest miracles according to Kaballah, share the light of God with others.
9:29 PM Homebound: with the other class, deny ego and trust spirit
9:30 PM Homebound: now according to A Course In Miracles, what is our biggest tool to learning miracles?
9:30 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: homebound, Kabbalah also states that if you want the deepest level of goodness then you should also do the deepest level of evil to understand the deepest level of goodness... you know this from the zohar, right? ;)
9:30 PM kimorents: forgiveness
9:30 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: the deepest vessel is filled the deepest
:32 PM Homebound: yes. forgiveness. but how does learning forgiveness help in creating miracles?
9:32 PM Still Small Voice: Forviness...this is the most powerful place to being. Even if you have forgiven that person 99%, you aren't free until your forgivness is complete. The 1% you haven't forgiven them is the very place where you're stuck in all your other relationships (including your relationship with yourself).
9:33 PM Homebound: forgiveness is the most powerfull tool. But how? Why? Tell me
9:34 PM Homebound: it emphasizes our unity - seeing the other as also your personal self. Forgiving the other is the same as forgiving the self.
9:34 PM Homebound: it emphasizes our unity - seeing the other as also your personal self. Forgiving the other is the same as forgiving the self.
9:34 PM kimorents: because it never really happened its all persecption due to a cry for love or ego defences
9:34 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: it's the best method
9:34 PM Homebound: very good point Enoch.
9:34 PM Homebound: when you forgive, you are proclaiming your brother's innocense.
9:34 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: you understand that we are all potentially evil
9:35 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: and we choose good instead
9:35 PM kimorents: yes we are innocent all of us
9:35 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: you have to CHOOSE innocense
9:35 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: it's not given to you
9:35 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: you have to live it
9:35 PM kimorents: we are it
9:35 PM Homebound: you are proclaiming that your as having made a mistake (which can be corrected) as opposed to having sinned against you, since we associate sin with punishment
9:36 PM kimorents: we are perfect spirit whole and complete all the rest is ego
9:36 PM Homebound: *proclaiming your brother as having made a mistake
9:36 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: all of us should realize that everything is attainable without harming another
9:36 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: do not harm another living creature
9:36 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: if you wish to eat meat, let that creature know that you want its meat and ask for it, it will give it to you without regret.
9:37 PM Still Small Voice: If you begin by pointing the finger of blame outward, then the focus isn't on you. You see who you are by seeing who you think other people are. Eventually you come to see that everything outside of you is a reflection of your own thinking.
9:37 PM kimorents: sigh agree but mesquitos biting me i have to release
9:37 PM Homebound: so, I just shared with you how ego and spirit see sin. can you recap for me what I just stressed?
9:37 PM kimorents: ego judges all things for self and spirit sees no sin
9:39 PM Homebound: Enoch, can you recap the different perceptions of ego and spirit towards sin?
9:39 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: sin is simply: acting in opposite to self.
:40 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: ego is a perception of self but not the reality of self
9:40 PM Homebound: very good way to put it Enoch.
9:40 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: ego can influence the manner of what is perceived as 'sin' in relation to action
9:41 PM Homebound: But what I was getting at is that ego sees itself as sinned against, and wants the sin punished.
9:41 PM Still Small Voice: Yes. Sin is negative in Ego's eyes
9:41 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: yes but sin also provides knowledge
9:42 PM Homebound: but Spirit does not see "sin" as a punishable act. Spirit sees "sin" as a mistake, and mistakes can be corrected.
9:42 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: even though you were meant for "this path" "that path" gave you education for that option
9:42 PM Still Small Voice: I see sin as an gain understand something
9:42 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: yes
9:42 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: there are different types of sins
9:42 PM Homebound: forgiveness becomes easier when we see the other person as having made a mistake, and not necessarily sinning against you
9:43 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: it should not be appropriate for me to kill homebound to realize the experience of her murder
9:43 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: certain sins are not valuable
9:43 PM Homebound: Spirit refers to "sin" as mistakes
9:43 PM Homebound: which are easily forgiven.
9:44 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: yes but even though you may reincarnate, my murder of you may influence my higher self to give me a repeat existence in physical form to realize that killing is not appropriate.
9:44 PM Homebound: but it all starts with not seeing with our eyes, but seeing with our inner knowledge - spiritual knowledge
9:44 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: what if my goal is to not reincarnate, and "sin" is to do no harm in my current existence?
9:43 PM Homebound: Spirit refers to "sin" as mistakes
9:43 PM Homebound: which are easily forgiven.
9:44 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: yes but even though you may reincarnate, my murder of you may influence my higher self to give me a repeat existence in physical form to realize that killing is not appropriate.
9:44 PM Homebound: but it all starts with not seeing with our eyes, but seeing with our inner knowledge - spiritual knowledge
9:45 PM Still Small Voice: We are meant to make "mistakes" but it is the growth for everybody involved...including myself.
9:46 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: sin cannot be objective
9:46 PM Homebound: we will make mistakes, but that is all it is. We can learn to correct our mistakes.
9:46 PM Homebound: miracles are not objective.
9:46 PM Homebound: in fact, we should not pick and choose who we want to have a miracle.
9:47 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: yes, of course.
9:47 PM Homebound: but let them flow will they will
9:47 PM Homebound: have I not stressed we and our brother are one?
9:48 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: love
9:48 PM Homebound: which makes it easier to forgive, once we understand that what we are seeing is a projection of what we think is there.
9:48 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: yes i understand where you are coming from
9:48 PM Homebound: but in reality is one with us
9:48 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: let's say your father murdered your mother
9:48 PM Homebound: okay
9:48 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: will you be mad in spirit?
9:48 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: likely not
9:48 PM Still Small Voice: You see... I've grew up thinking that my father didn't love me because he didn't spend much time with me and that he didn't know how to act like the father should. He was very alcoholoic as well. But as I got into my twenties, I have come to understand that my father did not have a role model in his life. His father wasn't in his life. He also had a very bad childhood. So with that understanding, that's the information he had at the time and don't take it personal. so I let it go and I do know now that my father really does love me.
9:49 PM Homebound: awww ssv love
9:49 PM TheRaptureofEnoch: i guess i felt your feelings from your father
9:49 PM Still Small Voice: My father was defintely one of my greatest teachers in my life
9:50 PM Homebound: aww ssv, the one who hurt you most love
9:50 PM Homebound: also taught you most
9:50 PM Homebound: family cycles are hard to break
9:50 PM Still Small Voice: He taught me to be more be more understanding... and he also taught me to be fathering and nourishing to myself... so I can give love for him and others.
9:50 PM Homebound: you are amazing and are a good student of life ssv
9:51 PM Homebound: anyways, this was a brief recap of the different approaches to miracles
9:51 PM Homebound: when you go to the core, they are all coming from the same place - saying the same thing.
9:52 PM Homebound: give love - reject ego - forgive
9:53 PM Homebound: class is dismissed if no comments or questions.


Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:03 am
by homebound
Looks like we missed a couple of weeks. I take full responsibility. The first week I just lost that day. Didn't even realize it until Monday. This past Sunday guess what. We had a power outage that lasted until Tuesday. But that is all behind us! We will be up and running this Sunday.

Also, let's thanks Dae for her wonderful work in posting the classes. Thank you Dae. You are lovely and I love you. Mwah!

Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:12 am
by homebound
Okay, in order to keep this thread going, I have a two-question quiz for you from yesterday's introduction to A Course In Miracles. Even if you were not at yesterday's class, you may still try. Many of you have listened in on these classes and may have been in one that covered this.

1. Why is the Holy Spirit a perfect mediator for us?
2. What is our major tool in learning to create miracles?

GO! You can do this!

Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:23 am
by Samanthaj
homebound wrote:
Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:12 am
Okay, in order to keep this thread going, I have a two-question quiz for you from yesterday's introduction to A Course In Miracles. Even if you were not at yesterday's class, you may still try. Many of you have listened in on these classes and may have been in one that covered this.

1. Why is the Holy Spirit a perfect mediator for us?
2. What is our major tool in learning to create miracles?

GO! You can do this!
Thanks for the Intro class Homebound, we all enjoyed it :thinktank:

1. The Holy Spirit is a perfect mediator as he has awareness of the Truth but also our Illusions
2. A major tool in learning to create miracles ... humm... The ability to forgive
Understanding that we seek in others what we are needing

Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:12 am
by TheRaptureofEnoch
Homebound, here are the responses that you have requested:

1.) Depending on the state of the Holy Spirit, it is generally the flow of divine emotion and intuition to an open and connected source... If one is open to receiving the Holy Spirit, any potential conflict can be resolved with the provided intuition; and then mediated.

2.) "Miracle" in this case could mean "a desired outcome from spiritually meditative focus or attitude". A tool to assure desires are achieved is "self love". Self love creates confidence and through the Law of Attraction you can be or become the state or outcome that you desire. These outcomes could be perceived as miracles.


Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 3:52 pm
by homebound
Okay, first I want to thank Samantha and TheRaptureofEnoch for their participation. Thank you guys!

Samantha, yes. The reason the Holy Spirit is a perfect mediator for us is because He knows the truth BUT He also sees our illusions without believing in them like we do. We give our illusions such substance! But the Holy Spirit merely dismisses them as "not true".
Our major tool from the Holy Spirit in creating miracles is forgiveness. You are correct.

TheRaptureofEnoch, well, the state of the Holy Spirit is constant and does not change. It is US who change when we decide on whether or not to listen to His voice. As far as the mediation is concerned, while this may be good in resolving conflict in this worldly plane, it is with forgiveness of the whole situation (illusion!) that miracles will manifest.

Thank you both for your feedback! Enoch, I hope I didn't misunderstand your answer. love

Re: Clarification of terms mind and spirit

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:09 pm
by homebound
A Course in Miracles – Clarification of Terms – 1. Mind – Spirit

C-1.1. The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy. 2 When the term is capitalized it refers to God or Christ (i.e., the Mind of God or the Mind of Christ). 3 Spirit is the Thought of God which He created like Himself. 4 The unified spirit is God's one Son, or Christ.

C-1.2. In this world, because the mind is split, the Sons of God appear to be separate. 2 Nor do their minds seem to be joined. 3 In this illusory state, the concept of an "individual mind" seems to be meaningful. 4 It is therefore described in the course as if it has two parts; spirit and ego.

C-1.3. Spirit is the part that is still in contact with God through the Holy Spirit, Who abides in this part but sees the other part as well. 2 The term "soul" is not used except in direct biblical quotations because of its highly controversial nature. 3 It would, however, be an equivalent of "spirit," with the understanding that, being of God, it is eternal and was never born.

C-1.4. The other part of the mind is entirely illusory and makes only illusions. 2 Spirit retains the potential for creating, but its Will, which is God's, seems to be imprisoned while the mind is not unified. 3 Creation continues unabated because that is the Will of God. 4 This Will is always unified and therefore has no meaning in this world. 5 It has no opposite and no degrees.

C-1.5. The mind can be right or wrong, depending on the voice to which it listens. 2 Right-mindedness listens to the Holy Spirit, forgives the world, and through Christ's vision sees the real world in its place. 3 This is the final vision, the last perception, the condition in which God takes the final step Himself. 4 Here time and illusions end together.

C-1.6. Wrong-mindedness listens to the ego and makes illusions; perceiving sin and justifying anger, and seeing guilt, disease and death as real. 2 Both this world and the real world are illusions because right-mindedness merely overlooks, or forgives, what never happened. 3 Therefore it is not the One-mindedness of the Christ Mind, Whose Will is One with God's.

C-1.7. In this world the only remaining freedom is the freedom of choice; always between two choices or two voices. 2 Will is not involved in perception at any level, and has nothing to do with choice. 3 Consciousness is the receptive mechanism, receiving messages from above or below; from the Holy Spirit or the ego. 4 Consciousness has levels and awareness can shift quite dramatically, but it cannot transcend the perceptual realm. 5 At its highest it becomes aware of the real world, and can be trained to do so increasingly. 6 Yet the very fact that it has levels and can be trained demonstrates that it cannot reach knowledge.

Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 10:29 pm
by TheRaptureofEnoch
Homebound: I appreciate your work and your mindset. :clapp:

You work through a system of belief that constructs spirituality into order; and this order gives logical understanding to your spirituality. I will never call what you believe wrong. You are right-minded in what works for you and what helps you define and believe in your spirit.

I learn from you and everyone and their ways; and do not wish to alter any constructive conceptions that anyone may have. You do a righteous service to those who wish to adhere or bond to this archetypal thoughtform spiritbond; or frankly Christianity -- possibly Gnostic Christianity (or a shade thereof).

I believe in your faith, but it does not bind me to its very real system and structure. Structure and order are things that I support if they have a temporary means to myself or my spirit-ego. Chaos is the nature of my soul and I allow it to consume me with its purpose to pseudo-randomly whisk me to the next experience. At times I even take the chaos and make order out of it for a temporary construct of my own that is needed at that time. If anything, I believe in my personal language that Holy Spirit can be Chaos too. Chaos may not seem to have a purpose at first, but often creates a new form by allowing it freedom. Everything has free will. Your will can be used by forces if you allow it too.

It is a miracle that you exist and that you stand true to your system; especially that you channel the underlying love to others that attracted you to it.

Thank you for your intention and clarity that you provide. It is a service of love and union. I will continue to learn from you and everyone here. :thinktank:

Re: Introduction to clarification of terms for ACIM

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:55 am
by homebound
A Course in Miracles – Clarification of Terms – Introduction

C-in.1. This is not a course in philosophical speculation, nor is it concerned with precise terminology. 2 It is concerned only with Atonement, or the correction of perception. 3 The means of the Atonement is forgiveness. 4 The structure of "individual consciousness" is essentially irrelevant because it is a concept representing the "original error" or the "original sin." 5 To study the error itself does not lead to correction, if you are indeed to succeed in overlooking the error. 6 And it is just this process of overlooking at which the course aims.

C-in.2. All terms are potentially controversial, and those who seek controversy will find it. 2 Yet those who seek clarification will find it as well. 3 They must, however, be willing to overlook controversy, recognizing that it is a defense against truth in the form of a delaying maneuver. 4 Theological considerations as such are necessarily controversial, since they depend on belief and can therefore be accepted or rejected. 5 A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. 6 It is this experience toward which the course is directed. 7 Here alone consistency becomes possible because here alone uncertainty ends.

C-in.3. This course remains within the ego framework, where it is needed. 2 It is not concerned with what is beyond all error because it is planned only to set the direction towards it. 3 Therefore it uses words, which are symbolic, and cannot express what lies beyond symbols. 4 It is merely the ego that questions because it is only the ego that doubts. 5 The course merely gives another answer, once a question has been raised. 6 However, this answer does not attempt to resort to inventiveness or ingenuity. 7 These are attributes of the ego. 8 The course is simple. 9 It has one function and one goal. 10 Only in that does it remain wholly consistent because only that can be consistent.

C-in.4. The ego will demand many answers that this course does not give. 2 It does not recognize as questions the mere form of a question to which an answer is impossible. 3 The ego may ask, "How did the impossible occur?", "To what did the impossible happen?", and may ask this in many forms. 4 Yet there is no answer; only an experience. 5 Seek only this, and do not let theology delay you.

Don't get distracted with error
Don't get distracted with controversy.
Don't get distracted with ego.

Simple! :)

Re: A Course In Miracles

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:01 am
by homebound
TheRaptureofEnoch, thank you for your positive feedback. I appreciate your respectful attitude towards other's beliefs while holding firmly to your own. You are open minded (which is necessary simply to listen) while explaining your own belief system. It's all good my friend. Thank you for joining this class on miracles.