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Please post all your support related issues here first before contacting me direct as the solution to your problem could help other ABT members.
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Unread post Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:17 pm

Hi Day_Man,
I'll address your post on a point by point basis.

a) I have no recollection of receiving a complaint from yourself (Day_Man) concerning the abuse of power with any mod.
if you would like to send me the complaint, send through the contact page please. The complaint needs to be a copy of the actual text being used anything else is just hearsay.

b} If you feel the rules are a bit over the top please post on this thread which parts of the rules you have a problem with.

c) I can assure you there has been individuals that have entered our chatroom under the age of 18 and the only way we actually found this to be true is with the combined help of our moderators and vigilant members. Just because 'it appears' that none of our members are under 18 it isn't always the case. Plus I would guess that you don't spend all your time in chat.

d) Unfortunately we have automated software to try and stop swearing in chat. I personally don't mind the odd swear word said in context, but some members swear too much and not all members are appreciative of the amount of swearing as we cater for all ages and creeds. Swearing for the most part in vocal communication can be quite automatic and habit bound in a way. I understand this. Typed text is different as its a deliberate action so is not necessary and not appreciated in most situations. We also suffer from trolls as do most websites hence this is the main reason why we have the software in place.

e) I agree with you 100%, I also hate dictatorships I can't speak for everyone otherwise that would make me a dictator.

f) We are going through some changes with chat... I know it needs to improve hence why I created this thread and I have asked for members replies... so thank you for your reply. We are working on it. We have a number of hurdles we have to overcome and it's quite complex, So, please bare with us. There are new mods who are ready to come on board but I have delayed this because i want to make sure I have covered all the bases first as I don't want to be upsetting anyone unduly.

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