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The ability to talk to the deceased of the psychic is truth?

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Hi everybody,
The presence of the world of the dead, or the afterlife, of the world, has long been a major problem for mankind, with no satisfactory answer in science. Will there be any other life after we die? Will spirits (spirits) go and where?
In the country I live in, the press speaks of the supernatural abilities of some psychic. Who can talk to the dead, find the remains of martyrs died in the war ... I was curious, do not know if this is true, or just the deception was prepared in advance?

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In doing further investigation you will find that mediums who are also psychic have had their supernatural abilities scientifically tested. So in reply there is scientific evidence that there is a measurable energetic shift in the physical body and brain of a medium when they are connecting to spirit.

There is also many writings (channelled writings) of those that have written about what happens in the afterlife and beyond the afterlife as you say.
Once you start to look for evidence it can be easily found.

Ria :-)

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I can't speak of the science behind it but I can speak of my own experiences. Occasionally I have dreams of passed loved ones. Most of the time it's usually when I'm in need of some kind of guidance or if there is something I need to know. I've had enough of these experiences that there has to be some truth to it.

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Yes it is possible, although that has been disputed. Mediumship has been Its means and has been this way because of one thing. There is no physical evidence, so the answer is no. Well hmmmm, thus is my point, why do you ask?

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