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Hello everyone, my names sonia. I wanted to ask some public opinions as to what "gift" I may have. Last year, a friend and I visited a psychic in a neighboring town, when she looked into my eyes she couldn't seem to control the urge to get to know more about me. While talking to me she mentioned I had a gift and I would like to know if anyone can help me figure out what that certain gift is. Please and thankyou:). I have tried asking other psychics online but with no money in my account means no luck in really talking to a psychic one on one or in chat. I also wanted to put out there the fact that I have very unusual vivid dreams that contain colors faces phone numbers sounds feelings emotionally and physically. I have many recurrent dreams and angry and fearful as well. Sometimes I lucid dream and even pass away in my dreams because of outside forces or occurrences of doom happen. Many times I get sleep paralysis... or what I would call it anyways containing visions and sounds and colors and almost defeat. Many times I don't want to even repeat the visions I see because they can be scarring and mess with my peace of mind. I was also wondering if these dreams were a part of my gift or if maybe there's something else I can look foreword to finding out. Any opinions help, thankyou:)

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Hi Sonia.. welcome to ABT, great to have you join us.

We have lovely members who will be happy to help you out, feel free to join us in the new chat rooms

All of the readings here are 100% free.. no catches either so don't worry about that. I wonder if the gift mentioned is something along the lines of clairvoyance? it sounds like it could be since you mention the visions and dreams

Talk soon, see you around
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