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I am Mark, trance healer, universal healer, reiki healer, trance, transfiguration medium, psychic, tarot reader.

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Unread post Tue May 30, 2017 6:02 pm

Hello all I am mark ,trance healer ,universal healer,reiki healer .trance ,transfiguration medium .psychic ,tarot reader
spirit photographer.'firstly let there be peace on earth for us all and to all creatures great and small

I rescue animals , I am a k1 fighter ,and I love all things paranormal
I arrived here at abt and am probably the longest member here
I use to own hauntedessex a paranormal group but we are no longer.

If you want to speak with me i am in chat sometimes but i don't just read here ,its if i am shown to be reading that i will
recently I have been channelling messages which i will post here,

"we have restraints we put upon ourselves that we could just undo by the realisation that we have so much time ahead of us,you will receive healing of all ailments when your journey on earth is partially over ,transcending to new joys and immeasurable understanding of your journeys so far if you could see the colours mark spoke of it would give you a understanding of your perception you are all able to learn and progress but in a time that is endless something many of you cannot comprehend.
mark is able to see things most cannot he chose to do this and we helped him from his early times on earth earth was a baron land that the creator you call enriched it with all this beauty many share with us from the stars and further lands away remember we are so close to you all the time and it does hurt us what we see at times and that is learning for us as well we chose this I did not want to return to earth why should I as I am with people beings who inspire us beyond your comprehension the power of prayer is used by many we would like to see more of this it puts those in need in a better place where we try to help marks mind is now where he chose so we can partly control the medium but for now mark says "thank you" to the great spirit"

I am now here with a light being in front of me very bright glowing and pulsating there are also different colours i believe its saying through esp that I and most humans could not relate what they see to what they are we just couldn't comprehend what they are atm they understand our colours but they are so vibrant that we would struggle with limited eyesight that when i have seen the colours of the next dimension and that i have could I explain those in fairness no i couldn't so the light we see is a glow in front of there selves like a aura it is a auric filed transmitting colours but perceived to be light i am thinking why is it so small this being retaining structure that fluctuates now i see a human face within longer face mark: bone structure amazing dogs are sleeping here telepathically i get farewell as if it wasn't even here gone

a comment by me ...recently "I am more aware of medium psychics using songs with messages for the purpose of having a meaning for others ,music holds many things for us its a way of relaxing ,of focus ,whether used in healing or for mediumship, i believe its spirit s way they can use initially for focus for the reader as a tool , one that I feel helps many maybe its a newer way forward I believe they are trying various new ways how exciting !new to some ive been using this for a few years and it escalates when you have confidence and if you are beginning to get your confidence you will be on your way to a amazing journey

i am shown that spirit will use many ways to help us to read they are able now to get my full attention in different ways i believe that if you get a feeling about this then try what you feel as long as your intent is there for the higher good ,remember there are many ways in which you should be prepared before you make contact with the spirit world!

if i get interest here and comments i will try to continue with my work
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Well hello Mark!
this is deja vu remember when you were talking to me on the old forums back in 2006 ? good grief is it 11 years ?
Yes you are our oldest and also most respected members. You have stuck with us and helped us through thick and thin. anybodythere would not be the same without you :)
Its wonderful to have you back reading here and channelling. Its an absolute privilege to read this and to have you share this with us.

Mark is a wonderful healer and has sent healing to many of my doggies with wonderful success. Ria and Mark have both sent Teisha our German shepherd healing. and i see a difference in her today she is still un able to walk properly but she is bright and happy.

Thank you mark.. and welcome to our new forums. Just think i might be welcoming you again in another 11 years when we update again lol.

Love Helen.xxxx

ps sent a pm mark have a look on right hand side of profile as there are no pop up boxes on this forum to tell you about pms coming in :) x

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Mark Channelling message re dreams.

mark: ok here we go about the dreams

mark: dreams are specific to the individual to whom has been given ,energy is put there so it can be used as a pathway in which many can assimilate and use as focus to what may be ahead,depending on what path is followed .do not confuse ,all dreams are different and one must not overanalyse but instead feel for what the message within holds ,as confusing as it may seem it is not and it is a tool for focus and contemplation .there is no mastery of this process just again a way in which the individual may learn from as part of there human element here on what you call earth

mark: to prepare you for your journey that you will go on later on in life there will be many times throughout your resting hours where you will visit us on the next plane to get you use to what lies ahead ,you cannot change this .your dreams will be a inner reflection of your inner self and many are linked to your souls destiny and small parts that put together will build a bigger picture .a dream that’s on the surface showing things deemed to be not nice are there for a true purpose that is very important for growth

mark: find the stillness in the day and reflect on what you have done put time aside to listen to nature and the realisation that we can be at one with mother earth and that your dreams guide but you sometimes do not listen, listening is one thing understanding another ,this is where meditation can moove forward the goal towards lets just say higher things ,you are easily accessed when you are in this state ,we find it easier .remember this is not so easy for us there is much to be learnt on both sides .dreams are a very important part of who you are ,not just here on earth now ,but where some of you came from,in whatever form .ultimately spiritual beings
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” - Plato

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Unread post Tue May 30, 2017 6:45 pm

thanks tink for copying the channeled messages i have done over the last few days

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mark: there are hundereds of light beings there
mark: ok so we are on another level spiritually
mark: there is much quiteness
mark: but also a change in frequency
mark: makes it feel not so quiet
mark: here i am shown the lights are people who have passed over
mark: this is a insight into where we go where some of us go at stages when we pass
mark: ok there is now a much brighter light appearing
mark: there are other colours here i can tell u
mark: i cant explain the colours
mark: ive never seen them here on earth
mark: there is that feeling of overwhelming love
mark: and now i see the brighter light chamging
mark: changing
mark: ok there is a tall men
mark: i get the words jesus
mark: he is one of the higher level teachers
mark: he looks at 3 more light beings
mark: they are now changing there form
mark: they show themselves
mark: the smaller lights are getting brighter
mark: the 3 indians are just smiling
mark: they ,the 3 are now holding hands
mark: the teacher here is jesu jesus as we no him
mark: he doesnt give me a male or female energy
mark: but the thoughts i pick up are
mark: that there are three others who are new
mark: not indians
mark: i can see then if i use a switch that i have in my mind
mark: they have just been taken here after passing for help and healing
mark: there lights are dimmer
mark: the purpose of this insight is that we do not need to fear death and that i am able to see the teachings
mark: that they are all there still learning sharing and there is much joy happiness and that
mark: im shown rather than fear death we should embrace it do not fear it
mark: and with what ive seen ther is a amazing journey ahead
mark: blue skys
mark: oceans animals
mark: passed ones parents and guides that are hear with us on earth
mark: im very interested in jesus
mark: but im shown that when the time is ready we will all get the opportunity to meet these
mark: its our god given right
mark: amen

then later.......

mark: ok so let me recall in my mind what hapened beforehand
mark: oh ok briefly i am able to now go places where the spirt or guide asks shows me
mark: its hard to type and go there
mark: to be there is easy
mark: can any1 remember what i said
sweettink: i do some
mark: as im getting into the reading zon e again
sweettink: want me to type what i recall?
aprilr81: I remember something said about Mt. Zion
mark: ok please
sweettink: ok, you said you are now able to go travel back in time, by just closing your eyes
you went to a place, where there were horses, and native americans, they were drawing things to show you, you were shown how sound, and magnetics will be used to raise vibration or heal... i cant quite recal, you heard music, angelic music
mark: yes the energy with beats in the songs the different form of music some of us now hear
sweettink:a light being was there
mark: how the magnetic fields will be used with the music to increase the ability to help those read
sweettink: and you were called to go join them
mark: yes so what happened is that the light being was with the american native indians
mark: and he the light being was drawing on a tool he had to show the indians
mark: but it was being done through like mind conection
mark: and he showed them the pyramids
mark: the other chambers that are unfound
sweettink: oooh you didnt mention that, but i felt there were more chambers, when i went in the great pyramid!
mark: the use of the stars with the pyramids and the water they had in them
mark: this was after tinks when i said i had to go
mark: as he asked me to join
mark: the water also used as a scrying mirror
mark: so they lined up the stars to open chambers
mark: and more importantly the constellations
mark: i think feel thats the stars together lined up so they was also using this for the light beings energy
mark: as well as the pyramids
mark: and the indians were also shown how to do this
mark: how its a tool for them and they just used it as it was nature
mark: the also at the same time was using this with there travel machines
mark: they werent really chariots but thats how they was seen by people
mark: realistically they was advanced in more ways than we realise
mark: reaisation must be made by the great scientists of today and many inventors are taught by light beings
mark: this is in the dream state where they get there inspitration
mark: inspiration
mark: so its basically we are driven by spirit ,light beings are spirit as well in different form
mark: they show me how this changes
mark: but for now the relevance is that we will change form as they do ,but they like us are spiritual beings but not in the human body
mark: thats what i got
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” - Plato

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Unread post Tue May 30, 2017 7:01 pm

thankyou helen hugs when i sent healing yesterday i saw a fluffy animal and your dog walking around with it like theyre a baby how cute i also felt a spirit dog is theyre around to comfort it was a nice journey for me
thay are your world

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Unread post Tue May 30, 2017 7:02 pm

thankyou tinks for copying this for me ,i hope that when our members read this it will help them realise about the spirit world and guide then forward with love

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Unread post Tue May 30, 2017 7:59 pm


Just wanted to say a big 'Thank you' for all the advice and visions you have given us in chat lately,

It's been very inspiring and interesting to have a incarnate reading for myself, and also be able to watch you give advice and reads to others in chat.

You are a gifted and amazing reader and teacher and I hope that now you have opened up to us that you will continue to read and teach us.


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These channellings and all you have done lately in chat is amazing mark, hope you continue to do so. It's reminded me that there is so much more to things then just doing readings for people and i felt stuck but your messages have helped relight the flame of wanting to learn for me. thanks a bunch!
"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." ~ William Shakespeare

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Hey mark!

First of all I wanna say a big thank you for helping in changing my whole perspective about my life! You are an amazing person that someone can learn a lot from, through the awesome experiences you offers on the chat, and through your advice completely out of paranormal! I really wish all of us can keep learning from you!

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