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Fri Jun 12, 2020 8:43 pm

New to this forum. My wife and I started experiencing paranormal events almost from the moment we got together. I am 38 years old...done a lot of crazy things 'til I settled down with her about 9 years ago. She's my soulmate and my best friend. She's a great mom to our two teenagers and a faithful daughter to her folks. A little history on her: 35, she's empathic but she has trouble 'closing the vent' sometimes...the same way she may 'pick up' on someone's intense emotions (anger, sadness--being married to someone Bi-Polar II when you yourself are BP type 1 prob tests that a lot) she can attract attention from some entities/spirits. She has had a rough life (developing PTSD) with her step-father. He has since passed (he was properly medicated later in life when I met him...not the same bogeyman I'd heard about that she ran away from home at 17 to get away from). The thing we learned about him was that his brother apparently was into black magic/dark arts and possibly he was influenced by this, too. Talking to mediums, they always seemed to agree 'there was a dark presence around her....but I (her husband) could protect her.' I've certainly been up for the job, but screaming at things in the dark didn't really work out so well. I don't wanna write a novel, but for an introduction, I'll try and keep it at as 'run on sentences as a paragraph.' I've always been intrigued in the paranormal--but things I've seen and heard with her made it real. Every place we have lived...from places in MS...Corinth, Strayhorn (I got a pic of that 'one'); a scary apartment in Davenport, IA (still empty); and she's interacted with things from time-to-time, even. Studying about spiritual matters and focusing on positivity and white light has been the way we've tried to keep ourselves closed off from things. Even now, we live somewhere else in another state altogether. Nothing scary in this house...but the graveyard across the road behind the church...already my wife gets "Reese says hello" in her head...and she's just like...."nope...not paying attention to it." We are finally in a place at putting our lives together and we don't take any chances, lol. Sorry, for the long rant. All I really want to know is maybe some background...history about some of these places. Corinth, MS and even some parts of Davenport, IA were battleground in the Civil War. I can understand why those places have activity. The guy that showed up in a video we were making at the trailer in Strayhorn back in 2013? I don't get HIS deal.
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Sat Jun 13, 2020 6:18 pm

Hi and hmmm on the photo to fuzzy, you have choices to develop abilities or not seems your wife is choosing not to.

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