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New in Town....

Posted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:03 pm
by happyemokid2
Hey all. Hope everyone is well. A bit about me...psychic & paranormal abilities always interested me. I've had many paranormal experiences all my life, from hearing, seeing & feeling things. I have had deja vu dreams since childhood as well. I've dabbled in tarot, but am in no way experienced...I have books on palm readings, tarot, astrology & numerology. I'd love to see if I have a gift I can expand on. I also would like to get into reading tea leaves. I stumbled on this site because I am lost at a crossroad in my life and am so glad I did. I do enjoy my privacy so my posts will not contain personal info, just the general situation. I have posted on other threads looking for guidance and look forward to speaking to you all. And who knows, maybe one day I can be of help to you guys. Thanks and nice to meet everybody!