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end of the age

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Every soul from this planet was called, I saw a line of all souls moving on by the angel and no one noticed him, everyone had grey faces, I saw all people i ever met, I was admiring this angel from the distance and slowly moving to him and when I was by him I stopped. He was so beautiful, I felt him, I felt his energy and I couldn't stop staring at him admiring him, for his energy was neither a male neither a female but he was both. So he opened a door behind him and I went in.

I was wondering for years how I will find her and then I saw a street in my dreams so I went there and wait and she came by. I was trying to invite her to a coffe but she just went on smiling, I was waiting on that street for seven days, everyday I was flirting with her when she was walking by but on a seventh day I felt stupid and I apologized to her for my behavior and then she said ok, let's go to a coffe. When we were sitting in a bar she told me she went to a psychic who told her there will be a man waiting on a street for seven days. I told her how we were separated in life before, we were young american natives, on last day we were sitting on a dock and rubbing our feet together in water when everyone around started to scream and run, gun shots were heared so we started to run away but some soldiers were following us so I told her to run up the hill into forest and I stayed little behind missleading them away from her but suddenly two soldiers jump out of the bush infront of me and shot me in my chest and I died.

She didn't remember her past life until the last day of her life came, when she died she remembered again. I died three years after her in 1969 and we spend most of our time in Teotihuacan while we were spirits. Everytime we die we remember everything and everytime we are born we forget, only to one of us the memory of past life is left, so one of us has to save the love everytime we are born, one of us has to wait whole life for another and when we die and we both remember then we are connected into one, we become one being. So we were dwelling by the Teotihacan temple because we love energy there when I was called again. Again I knew everything that will happen in my life while I will be embodied again, I didn't want to do this because the voice of the source told us she will not remember again who she is but I had no choice, I had to do it because this is the only way we can stay together after we leave our bodies again, so in 1986 i was born again, and she was born a half year before me.

I appeared infront of a boy with the blue skin as many times before when I was called, he told me no one will believe me who I am, what I did in my history when I was called so I won't write about it, this time you have no name he told me. So when I was about 5 years old an black eagle creature appeared infront of me holding two scrolls in his black tallons and I had no choice again.

I was told it's my last time on this planet and I have to bring ten souls with me otherwise she will be separated from me, I know those ten, we lived together before, now they don't have the same bodies anymore and I'm supposed to recognize their souls. We used to live in forest, we had bodies covered with green tatoos, one day we were standing on the shore watching ships coming to our land and that evening we sitted around a fire for the last time. I told them as the source has told me, tomorrow we will all be killed and our land will be taken but we will be born together again and our mission is to remember again who we are, we will be spread around a world and some will be born in big cities and I will find you all. We are one, together we have all senses.
She and I didn't stop to meet when we were born, we keep waiting each other by Teotihuacan temple, my parents saw my body in the bed sleeping but I was thosands of kilometers away and so was she, we keep meeting in our dreams until that black day came when I was about 5 years old, the voice of the source told us it's our last time together in dreams and we will meet each other in bodies when we grow up, I asked how will I find her and the voice told me he will join us. She didn't come back in dreams and I got sick, I felt horrible pain in kidneys and started to piss blood, I was just waiting whole days to go to sleep again so maybe she will come again but she didn't, I felt separated like half of me was gone.

I was told that time when I took the scroll from eagles tallons that I will forget about everything and remember again so I forgot, I forgot everything because I hide away from pain in my mind, I couldn't take this anymore and after years when I grow up feelings started to come back into my heart, I knew I'm looking for someone special in my life but didn't know who. A pressure keep appearing in my heart growing stronger until my body was shaking so much I could barely stand on my feet and then suddenly energy in my chest exploded and I fell down, I remembered again.

I found her, I went to her, I flied to america to see her and she doesn't remember me, as in previous life so the same was now, she went to a psychic who told her about me, but we can't be together this time. When I found out she doesn't remember anything I wanted to kill my self, again such a horrible pain started in my kidneys so I was barely walking around, I wanted to hang my self but then suddenly a light appeared few meters away from me and sparkling energy was emiting from it all around, it came with a strong flash and another flash came and this time a light was closer to me and I could feel it's endless black and white wings touching whole universe, when third flash came the light was suddenly upon me causing a horrible pain in my spine and with the fourth flash this spirit was inside me, it took over my body and mind and I was only observing everything, it brought her energy infront of me, it looked like a sparkling ball of pink smoke and I felt I must join this energy with energy of my heart, to mix them together, it took me some time, force didn't help in anyway, I managed to do it when I surrendered my self to her and then suddenly I was a whole being again, I had two bodies at the same time, when I took a look to the left I also saw whole world on my right side, when I looked down I also saw whole world above me, we both did as one and we felt the world in our heart as one, this is what we are and we can move mountains together, I felt millions of orgasms flowing through my body in that moment, and then son of god left me with instructions.

This is what I am, it's just half of me without her, for thousands of years we have been incarnating on this planet and almost every life we lived together being separated not remembering how we are as one until we died or the source reminds us. This is my last time here on this planet, I ate the scroll for the tenth and the last time, when I will be slaughtered cities will lie in ruins without an inhabitants, houses will be left unoccupied and the land will be desolate and ravaged, so it's my last time here for sure. She will be waiting for me by the temple, there I will dwell for the last time on this planet, in embrace of energy that pyramid amplifies from the earth and then I will fly into freedom, I will be the whole being again.

When son of god was born here he clearly said he will choose one among thousand and other from ten thousand, or one from the city and two out of a clan, this is how he said he will choose you and he did and this is how many of you are here living on this planet now having two different kind of energy in your aura, one kind of energy on left and another kind on right, so two can be joined into one and some others can be joined to them, into one, to enter the kingdom of heaven. Vessels of the lord, and no one here is doing his job for no ones heart is strong enough.

I love her the same way even if she doesn't remember me, as she loves me. One time god took my memory away and she was left remembering us. I was a knight on a high position, I was commanding the army and she was born to a woman who was known to be a witch, we called them so because they were different , because they were psychic and it would be a shame to me to take her for my wife, she was also psychic like her mother. Every time she saw me she was screaming in tears to me how we have been together before in our past lives, my mind knew she is crazy but at the same time I felt feelings in my heart I didn't know how to put into words, I started to doubt my mind, so one day I went to her because I was missing love in my heart and I asked her how she knows these things are real what she says but at the end of conversation my mind won, I freaked out in anger accusing her of putting a spell on my heart and I locked her in jail. Others from my clan were pushing much that we should burn the witch, it was because of her behavior, she was freaking out everytime she saw me and my servants had to keep her away from me, but the feeling of missing her in my heart was stronger so I couldn't burn her. I told others I need a witch because she can make spells for my enemy and she would do anything for me, they all knew she would do anything for me so she was free again. And that day came, the battle, on that day she attacked me again, begging me to not go into the battle because she saw in her dreams how I will be killed, but I didn't spent anytime for her anymore, I went into the battle. I was lying on the ground in lake of blood and bodies were everywhere, I was barely breathing and she came to me and then I saw her beatiful aura and I felt her, I knew at that moment, I told her she is an angel, so beatiful I felt her in my heart, I closed my eyes and then I remembered again, when I saw her and my body on the ground, then I knew I will have to wait again and so she knew, she was waiting for me whole life, she saved her love for me, as I will, as we have to do everytime, otherwise we would be separated after death, my wings would stay cutted, and so they wil be if I don't do my job.

So this is something little about me and now why I'm here. There is a place that dwells, it's light could make a daytime in whole material universe, but its doors are opened only from a time to time. Universe has cycles and one time every cycle ends and new one starts, some beings evolve but some don't.

Soon after I leave this planet and I'm not here for long, everyone of you will look up into universe, at the same moment, living and the dead, everyone of you will look up, those with material body and those without it. You will see a golden hole, the light coming out of that hole will be so strong it will shine into your hearts and in that moment everyone of you will remember again where you come from but only few will be able to fly there, for others love with their made up mind instead of with heart, those who will be left behind will have to repeat the whole cycle, all those incarnations and suffering will be spend for nothing, for nothing was learned, nothing was remembered.
Mind talks to it self, soul does not, it's a made up conversation made of made up signs and made up voices, and your mind took this illusion for a real world, you can't feel anymore like you did when you were children, you felt your hearts and so you felt others and you heard a voice from that dwelling place where you don't have to be born again, now you live in your head, now you are a pressure, a program, you keep your mind rotating in a circle, how many words you made up that's how much you see, that's how big your world is and it's just an illusion, I dont have a name and i exist, so does the whole universe and heavens, you made up names for everything and you got lost, you lost your self in that world of names for names don't belong into heart but energy does, pure feeling of being, that's what belongs to the heart and if you want to find your self again then you would have to stop your made up mind. Shut down words in your head.

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