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Introducing me...Tofutti

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 6:37 am
by Tofutti
:wave: Hi there

I’m Tofutti. I have a very scientific job by day but have always been interested in New Age topics by night. Even as a little girl I had a rich imagination and fantasy life.

I am highly intuitive and have been very good at seeing people’s feelings and motives... even when they are not conscious of them themselves. I try not to judge but I’m only human and am learning to keep a neutral stance.

I am highly empathic and have learnt about protection and drawing healthy boundaries despite being raised as the people pleaser/ scapegoat in a narcissistic household.

I love the works of Dolores Cannon, Edgar Cayce and Doreen Virtue. I feel that I’m an Indigo child which means I have a strong sense of purpose and justice to clear the way for the raising of the frequency of Gaia for the next generation of Crystal and Rainbow children (amongst other things!).

I am developing my psychic type skills and use stichomany, some astrology and intuition to glean information about someone.

I love everything ocean and nautical! I also a great believer in The Golden Rule ( do unto others as you would want done to you) and the Law of Attraction. We figure these things out and we’re on our way.