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Hello there

Come on tell us a bit about yourself, we don't bite!Image

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Unread post Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:05 pm

Hi guys Im Chelsea, I have actually been a member of this site years ago, So I am very glad to be back, I have always been intrigued by anything paranormal, I recently did a home course on parapsychology which really opened my eyes to see the paranormal doesn't just cover ghosts and aliens its such a broad spectrum, I am recently starting to meditate and am keen to unlock my third eye but I am aware this will take time well this is me thanks for having me

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hi guys im chelsea just wanted to stop by and introduce myself! thanks for having me, somewhere I finally feel I fit in,

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Oooh welcome back ! How exciting Chelsea, I love that name by the way. sounds really interesting and it also sounds like you have been on quite a journey.
Good luck with the rest of the journey you are on :) might see you in chat.x

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:welcome: (Back) to ABT, Chelsea :o)

So glad you returned. Don't think we have met, so I look forward to talking more with you.
Enjoy and have a great week :thinktank:

Sam J
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:welcome2: back WeepingWillow. :thinktank:

Hoping to see you in Chat. Image



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ABT Team
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Hi Chelsea

Glad you found us again .

Hope to see you in chat : I'm there all day

lovely seeing you again WeepingWillow


hugs Shell
Smile it confuses them .

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Welcome back Chelsea, look forward to seeing you in chat 💕💕
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