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My name is Nathan. I am male and straight(not sure that this matters). I am aged 21. Born March 3, 1996 in Panama City Florida. I am a Pisces. I have moved to several different states in the United States including Alaska, Nevada, Colorado, and of course Florida and Illinois. I currently work 43 hours a week at a grocery store. I used to work at a theater. I don't really have any super ambitious goals or careers in mind... at least any realistic ones. I have had a pretty normal average life. Nothing super traumatic. I'll list things people might consider traumatic. When I was super young couldn't tell you how old my Mom got into an accident when I was with her in the car. The car had flipped over and my mom had left me in the car and ran to her friends house because it was right down the street. I have no recollection of this. My parents got divorced due to my mom cheating on my dad. Both my mom and my dad remarried to other people so I spent a lot of time thinking about what life and love and all meant to me. I don't consider this to be a huge deal because its more common than most things but it made me aware that I feel disconnected from what happens around me and that the impact it had on me was zero. I felt nothing and it scared me. Last one I guess. My grandpa had a stroke was revived into a vegetable state no brain waves being detected we took him off life support after a week. So he died my mom forced me and my sibling to stay until he breathed his last breath and when we all went to see him everyone seemed to cry and crumple as a family I... I didn't do that. These happened in the order told. Oh btw I am the eldest in my now compound list of sibling I've got 1 blood brother, 1 step brother, 2 half blood brothers, and 2 half blood sisters. I love anime/manga and videogames. To get to the paranormal since this isn't a dating site. I've never really had anything happen to me that I couldn't prove wasn't supernatural till I started working at the theater whether I had anything happen before then I couldn't say. I do know that my mother has supposedly had the supernatural around her for some parts in her and her friends life. A couple of incidents with her include waking up to see a dead women's face staring back at her and once when she was young her friends room was torn apart like a mini tornado went through it no one heard anything and nothing was stolen. Her friends have also taken family photos to see a face in the photo sitting next to them not whole but in pieces. Any way jumping back to me ... again. Most of the people at the theater who worked there longer had some stories of the paranormal from sounds, to things falling down, to seeing figures still in their seats and walking down hallways. I never experienced much of those. Some I cant prove were legit or not. Like I've seen people still seated and never see them walk out. One of the many jobs at the theater is to clean the theaters after all customers leave only experienced this twice one is an old man the other a hooded figure that I've seen anyway cant prove anything because maybe they walked out the other exit or maybe I just want paying attention to their departure. Though other employees that have seen the figure walking down the hallway say it was an old man. Sometimes I'd get random chills. The things I know were real are footsteps. That building has no wooden floors and in places where footsteps should be inaudible I could hear crystal clear. The very first time this happened the footsteps were sprinting at me. There were only 2 other people in the building and I questioned them both. They don't screw around at least not with me I'm a silent type that just does their job. After this incident I experienced just a single footstep 3 different times at the theater. I experienced it again recently at my new workplace. Only other things were things fell down in a place where it was just me and my manager no explanation available because no one touches the things that were moved probably no one has touched it for years. The last thing was that I could feel a presence. I'm not an expert at spirits or anything but you just sort of know when it happens. A couple more things about me before I end this I would've put this before my story telling but this thing erases anything you write behind it. I consider myself to be somewhat of a lucid dreamer. I have tons of dreams I control most of them but not in a super fantastic way it always works like how id react to the situation if I were there for example if I was in an ice cream shop id get my favorite flavor of ice cream depending on how I felt my life was going id either change the dream to say that they just ran out or they'd have an endless supply. its not really my choice its all on state of mind as well as the action id take to how it would play out. Like writing your own story... would've been easier to say that. *facepalm* also I don't classify my nightmares as nightmare just dreams to me. Seem to have an affinity with darkness or I'm just awesome at hide n seek. I am super silent unless you know me. I keep my opinions in check to keep others happy. I am searching for someone and I know absolutely nothing about them. I try to view all the perspectives when a really important matter comes up before making a decision. I know people who can describe someone's energy as a color and someone who gets sleep paralysis with a goat headed demon and dark shadows looming over. I want to throw open the door to spirits and the powers dwelling within me. also I don't let fear rule over me, I hate myself not in the normal way though... anyway id love some help in awakening the abilities on me and are curious of what some readings might say. Thank you for any and all help.

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Hi Cross

Loved reading your intro. Very interesting
It's been great meeting you in chat. You sound pretty focused on finding out more, and learning more about yourself and the paranormal. ABT will be great to help you in your development and happy you joined us all

Seems to be a pretty common theme in theatres.. we have one close by where an actress spirit resides (I never say haunted ) as that gives the wrong impression sometimes.. she usually hangs around in the dressing rooms, but she has been seen and heard walking along hallways, and many of the visitors report seeing her walk along the stalls .. Do I believe it? 100%. I don't feel she's connected/stuck there, but that she was very passionate about her career and seemed to have felt the place was home. So I loved reading your experiences there.. thanks for sharing.
Edit: here is a video of her communicating with flashlight

Well, I hope you find all you're seeking out here, it's lovely to talk with you.

Take care for now
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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