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do you need help with ghosts spirit "hauntings"

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:26 am
by mark
There are many different scenarios where new members come to this site to try and understand what is going on we here so often that somebody has come here because they are getting problems in their property for example so I will try and advise you here what my opinion is on this I once had a friend who was having problems in a new property that she moved into the first thing that they noticed was the feeling that they didn't feel welcome there but they thought it was just about the property and they contacted me after they found that there was this feeling that there was also being watched so it was very uncomfortable I said to them just completely ignore everything that's going on because if you make any contact at all with spirits especially the lower level ones that they can try to take advantage of this because they do like to take your energy in whatever way they can so they tried to ignore everything and one of their children was having problems sleeping and was getting slightly distressed I spoke to her and said what is going on why can you not sleep and she said that she could see someone in the room especially at night so I advise them that they should use a process called smudging which is a Native American method used for cleansing as well as other things I said to them that they would be better to use white sage which is a way in which you can cleanse an area of the whole property what do you do if you get the dried white sage make sure it is dried out you can do this in a cool dark space and basically this is lit and you walk around the property it is called smudging remember it is about your intention as well which would be to cleanse the area read up on it and remember to open a window slightly
Anyway I explained what they should do and they did this in all of the rooms and that night there was no problems but the next day again they felt that somebody was there watching them and the ocurances carried on and slowly things got worse and worse she didn't want to hassle me as I'm quite busy with things so they decided to call in a priest who said that yes there were lots of things going on there and that he would try and assist now the problem with this is that if for example the spirit was strong they would not necessarily listen to a priest and that's exactly what happened it made it far worse especially when she used to say to whoever was there what do you want why are you here and that is not the way because you are giving them attention and that is what they want eventually she was regularly getting bad things happen like Windows opening and closing and doors a piano was moved which takes a lot of energy because they're heavy and then her husband kept getting ill there was then one night when she was in bed and her husband was away that she had the bed clothes pulled slightly which scared her so they went to her mother's that night returning when her husband was there the next evening her husband had a dream which is actually sleep paralysis in this instance of which he was getting hallucinations and then that lead to panic attacks where his heart was beating fast this is a natural occurrence but obviously they was now in a mess and could not handle this situation slowly the lady became ill and was then seeing more things happen especially in their bedroom where they had two mirrors facing each other unknowingly this can create a portal this is where the grounded spirit was coming in she asked me to come over and see what I could do so one evening I arrived at as I approached the property I could feel the vibration as I walked up the driveway and I was greeted by them both with a relieved look on tbere face they asked me in and we sat down immediately everything was still and quiet which was good and they explained what had happened I also told me that the son had been there for a while and when he was there he was tormented in different ways he believed they was playing with his mind they also found out that he had been using and a Ouija board with his friends there for entertainment which is a definite no no these people now had some serious problems and wanted to move they had enough and they called being just to try and advise them now reading back on what I've said they did so many things wrong if you are reading this thinking yes this sounds familiar just be careful because these things can be very difficult to sort out there are ways that normally work but it can be very long winded
The problem is with the board is that as soon as you asked for anything to come through and make contact you have opened the door bye inviting them in and you could get any spirit to come through for example most are from the lower astral plane of which this could be somebody who was a murderer committed suicide lots of reasons that they would try and get attention my opinion is that if you have one in the property as they did somewhere that they burn it so we was talking and there was a loud crash that came from somewhere as I walked towards the room I could feel a presence there and I was aware that they was now trying to get my attention as I walked into the room there was nothing to be seen nothing had gone over to make the noise all the rooms were checked but as I walked out of the room I turned around and I saw a image very briefly which disappeared with a smell that was there which can be associated with spirit as I went into the next room it was peaceful but they had lots of crystals this was attracting energy and had not been cleansed apart from the smudging and they need individually doing with different methods straight in front of me a small book started levitating into the direction of a small bathroom area and dropped on the floor which I just ignored we went back into the lounge and I explained to them all the things that they had done they had given attention and this was not the way this should be handled of which they now realised we then went out to the garden and the husband said he felt he was being pushed in the back there was a lot going on here and I could feel the energy now getting stronger so when when we sat down I explained that they needed to re sage the property and I would have to go there with someone else a healer medium and work out what exactly was going on and why I was very aware of the two mirrors and I explain to them that that can cause a portal but wasn't the complete problem and the mirror was removed I also went there with a compass and found that they had ley lines running through the property of which the compass was spinning around where the lines ran through their Lounge and noticed that they was having some work done there and that above their bed there were electrical cables quite close to their head where it was an old property this can cause a problem because some people can be hypersensitive to this which can cause blood pressure change numbness tachycardia depression sleep disturbance so I voice them to sleep in a different room until the electrics were sorted out there was a very high amount of magnetic field which is very detrimental as well as what was running through their property the ley lines which they need to try and avoid when possible which is easier said than done but there are small ways in which this can be approached and if we tried to get all the small things sorted out then it would not become magnified I was also able to see several grounded spirits there and knew that they really just wanted attention but also that there were some that have been there a long time so I made a plane and they felt quite relieved but as I walked out there were doors slamming and the whole property smelled of different smells that they said they hadn't had before so I made a plan to go back to try to assist the next week we both turned up and the lady I was with felt very sick immediately and didn't want to go into the property in which everything had increased and the people said that they was going to sell the house they was both feel the children weren't well and they had enough and the last Resort was to get this tackled by myself but I explained that this would never go away forever but I'll do what I can so basically I believe I was able to move on some of the Spirits there and educate them on everything that I have said and the moral of all of this for people who read this who are getting problems is it can take experienced mediums that you know have the right Intent to try to alleviate further problems and really to educate the people who do not really know better and I am pleased to say that they didn't sell the property and they live there now although things still happen they can accept this is especially when they realise they have to share their home with spirit that has been there a long time

i will try to add more info here when i can

Re: do you need help with ghosts spirit "hauntings"

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:48 am
by ColeWayne
Great post! Can you explain more about the mirrors? We have 2 mirrors facing each other in our house.

Re: do you need help with ghosts spirit "hauntings"

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:27 pm
by mark
the 2 mirrors facing each other dont always create a portal but over period of about 5 years the group i was with investigated many hauntings ad we found that if 2 mirrors faced each other there was paranormal activity now im not saying they definatly caused the issues but on all instances there was things happening around the mirrors which usually coincided with ley lines they do say the old mirrors contained silver in them which was a conductor for the alleged spirits to use as you no there is no scientific facts about all of this but its something that happened repeatedly ! mirrors have been used many times to experiment with looking into them and seeing what happens thankyou for your post

Re: do you need help with ghosts spirit "hauntings"

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 10:50 am
by DoctorRen
I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing this with all of us