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Hi everyone,

I recently had a reading in person with a woman who picked up on two spirits close to me. One was a "Handsome Celtic Man" who mentioned that I could "hear and feel what many others can't" and that I should "use my abilities to help myself and others". She said he's been with me and protecting me since birth and is tough and warrior like in appearance. She could not give me a name for him... She said he was my spirit guide.

Another guide (angel)/ spirit she picked up on was a woman in her 30s-40s whom I am related to 5 generations back on my mother's side. She told me she was excited for me to develop my abilities because we share them and it's been a while since someone in my family had a gift like this. She also mentioned, "There's more to your lineage than you think and you should explore it. It will help you". I've always thought my family was purely French Canadian, but this woman mentioned Scottish/ Celtic. She told the woman reading me that she prefered to give me her name only if I contacted her myself- she didn't want to speak to her much, just me.

I'm new to meditation and tapping into my abilities . I've tried meeting my spirit guide(s) before with guided meditation and could only find the man, but we didn't speak.... I couldn't focus well enough. She told me the woman was my guardian angel, but I thought angels were primarily in spirit rather than human form and this woman was a relative? Could she be confusing these two spirits? I want to know how to speak/contact to these guides, so that I can learn more about myself and my abilities. I'm curious as to what their names are as well! This is the first time I've heard anything from them, so I'm very excited.

I'm open to any insight and suggestions!


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