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I really need help

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A.L.L Father
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Mon Oct 29, 2018 12:40 am

Hello all. I am a father of three who normally figures things out on my own, but a few days ago I encountered something that has eluded my comprehension. I have a 10 month old baby boy who sleeps in the room with my wife and I. Night before last my wife woke up to a tall hooded figure standing next to my son's crib while he slept. Looking down on him. The figure was my height, around 6'5". Didn't feel negative, but it was unnerving. I have experienced spiritual visits since I was a child. It runs in the family. I have never encountered a hooded figure. I guess my question is shod I cleanse my home? Will this cleansing "get rid of" the warm positive spirits as well as any dark spirits? Is this hooded spirit something to be concerned about?
Sorry for multiple questions, but I've never seen this before. Thanks in advance!

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Tue Nov 13, 2018 7:58 pm


A young child and spirit manifestation happens a lot, if the figure was 4ft6 carrying a handful of flowers the feeling would perhaps be different yes ? The hooded part does it every time, however having spiritual dealings with Cistercian monks from 15th Century and they appeared hooded, yet totally harmless. It would not hurt to do a cleansing of your property, I do this on my own property every month. It's not just your family, any visitors to your home can and will potentially bring spirit visitors. If I am telling you things you already know forgive me, but start at the main entrance to your home, if you have a singing bowl you can use this to emit the high pitch sound, from floor to ceiling, I normally do thisand then move a few feet to the size and repeat. Do every room. Also using sage smudge sticks, being careful not to allow sparks to drop, I use a n old metal quality street tin to hold and waft the sage smudge sticks in. Be careful of your youngster with the smell left, may need to allow air into the rooms afterwards. The cleansing will not cause a problem with good spirits e.g. family members, it is just clearing the vibrations.

I don't know if you do much work with spirit but after the cleansing see how it goes, if you are wawar of the cloaked figure again, ask them what they are there for. Also do not fear if it continures telling them in a firm, yet not hostile voice that they are not welcome there and you want them to leave and not return.

As a side note despite the appearance of the figure, there may be a valid and genuine reason for them, so possibly worth exploring why. Generally spirits do not appear for no reason. They were either there before and you never noticed or they have come for a specific reason,as humans we often assume it is a bad thing but it is also possible they are there for the greater good.

Brightest Blessings


A.L.L Father
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Tue Nov 13, 2018 8:12 pm

I have saged the entire house. It lasted a few days. Quiet, but now it's slowly starting again... I am still researching everything.

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Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:57 pm

My guides have drawn close to me to say that he is the Gate keeper. He has been with ur lovely baby boy throughout his journey to earth. This man is clocked as only ur child will see his face that I can say is as soft and kind. He wears this hood as his work is to protect ur boy. All our guides ECT don't show themselves to others but when it comes to his life and protection they never show face. I myself have seen the image u saw and to yes I can see why u are concerned. I can't tell u not to cleanse ur home ect as this is ur choice but I feel no negative entities.. Your little boy is special on many ways. I feel that u know this and so does ur wife. As u both sleep this lovely gentle but extremely protective guide is watching over ure son. Ask urself This,if u were to be protected wld u want him watching over U?? I wld. Watch as he begins to show u thro ur son his uniqueness and positive energy.

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