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I am experiencing things that scare me sports I don't know what to do

Posted: Sun May 19, 2019 7:58 pm
by RaeAnnJ
I am desperately needing help spirts have always been drawn to me now I am experiencing things I that scare me scared and don't know what to do . If someone would please help me
Thank you

Re: I am experiencing things that scare me sports I don't know what to do

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 3:03 pm
by intuitiveT
DON'T SHOW THEM FEAR nothing has control over you if you dont let it . you are a whole, sovereign and free being ( you can write this mantra down or make it as a screen saver .... say it and feel AND BELIEVE IT without fear) talk to your endocrine system tell it it is safe, supported and loved...
try not to focus on them ....IGNORE THEM AT ALL COSTS.... they feed off of fear .... look up protection techniques on youtube such as surrounding yourself in a bubble of white light as well as ground yourself to the Earth ..... all you have to do is feel your feet firmly planted on the floor ... imagine roots coming out of the bottom of your feet going down to the center of the earth and wrap them around her inner iron core .... then envision her energy coming up into your body supporting you ...REALLY FEEL YOUR FEET PLANTED SOLIDLY ON THE FLOOR....
envision the reality you want as if it is already here and the key is to really feel how you felt before these beings....
you can also try burning sage and palo santo wood to clear your space.... also salt in little bowls of water .... just be mindful if you have pets .... place them somewhere out of reach ....
just because something may look strange doesnt mean its necessarily bad..... just dont focus on them
sending you love light and blessings