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Reading please

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:03 am
by JacquiLove
Hello Akasha

I'm quite new here and I'm very excited to be a part of a community where I can talk openly about this particular interest of mine (paranormal, psychic etc).

Can I ask for a reading please. I have been on probation at work for 8 months now, seems my manager James Taylor (yes that's his real name, weird as my fave singer has the same name) is keeping me on probation. I wanted to leave, he makes me feel under appreciated and undervalued. I am not the type to attract glory to myself but at least I want to feel I am valued as a team member. He keeps a straight face, he plays his cards close to his chest. He can get on with anyone but he is awkward around me. I sense there is some attraction there but he can't or won't act because he's married and due to work situation.

Now we created a 6 week plan for him to make a call and he set clear objectives to measure me on, on the 1st of March he will either make me permanent, keep me on probation or terminate me or I will leave. I am getting impatient as I feel there's more of control game here rather than anything else. I told him I will tell him if I will leave or stay next week, not on the 1st of March. All frustrations are piling up. I just want to work. I have a small child and I need stability but sadly I am left in the dark. What do you think will happen with my employment? Will I end up leaving/ terminated? I'm really unsettled and I like James to be more transparent.

thank you, I appreciate your time.

Re: Reading please

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:36 pm
by Akasha
Hello JacquiLove

My free reading evening is held once a month in chat. You are very welcome to come to that. We are just back from holiday so the date will be announced soon.
If you would like a private reading with me please click the link and i will book you in. Love Akasha.x
rivate readings with me can be found here