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My due date

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Unread post Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:12 am

Hi all
So im due to have my daughter on 6/6 but i feel she will come early. Do any of you gifted folk have a feeling or vibe or whatever on my dd. Thank you x

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Unread post Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:24 pm

While I can't tell you the day your due since I'm not phychic, I can tell you some cool things about the birthday! :)

06-06-2018. What a cool birthday! In Numerology there's a 'Life Path Number' for everyone. You add your birthday digits together until you end up with a single digit. It can show personality traits, horoscope, astrological signs, along with other neato things.

Month 0 + 6 = 6
Day 0+6=6
Year 2+0+1+8=11

Month(6) + day(6) + year(11)= 12 + 11

Now, you don't reduce master numbers!


Keep reducing!


How interesting is it to have a TON of 6's with a master number?? That could be a very very special person. :) You can do the same for a May birthday etc. and you can see what cool things are in store of them in this life.

If you think about it, everyone born in the 90's has a TON of 9's regardless of the month/day. 9's are associated with strong ideals. Everyone horn in 2018 will have a master number!! (11)

There's a few special numbers called "Master Numbers". If you have them, you could be capable of being a leader, president, or in highup business. Those are 11, 22, etc. 6's are known to be loving, hard working, and there's few 'bad' people with 6s as life numbers.

Good luck on your due date! I'm feeling later like 6/20 but trust your instincts on the early part. :)

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