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Suicide and spirit

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Unread post Thu Mar 29, 2018 9:35 am

My best friend hung himself in my shed two days ago and I'm upset that he didn't leave a note. I don't understand alot of the reasons of he chose to do it then. I think he is still here with us. Does anyone have any insight on this. Please and thank you

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Unread post Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:03 pm

Some people are meant to leave this Earth by means of suicide, but for others they weren't supposed to. They die, but still remain here with their 'unfinished' business. That business could mean anything from repressed emotions to more dark like that of control. In your case, I bet he's still there around you but will move on when the time's right.

Do you want communication with him? To ask questions? Or just to know he's ok?

If you're brave ask for communication from him. Be careful as other negative paranormal entities can trick you into thinking their your loved ones. Meditate on imagining white light as you focus positivity towards your deceased friend. Have a recorder to listen after or have a camera going if you're brave! Some cultures offer food or other trinkets to spirits that have passed. Maybe drink his favorite beer in his honor? Eother way, always be positive. Think of the light whenever possible and it'll help him too. Last thing he wants is for you to grief over him. Move on and have a good life in his remembrance. He'd love that. :) Ultimate honor!

Im sorry for your loss. My brother committed suicide a few years ago. He's in a better place now.

Spirits/ghosts whatever you want to call them are still sentient with the power of choice so dont be disheartened if this isn't the time to receive a response from him. It might come unexpectingly. Good luck!

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